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Cops Brutally Beat Teen Lying On Ground

Surveillance video shows Houston police running over and beating a teenage burglary suspect even after the kid laid on the ground with his face to the floor and his hands behind his back. This is the culmination of a decade or more of cop shows depicting violence on behalf of police officers as normal, necessary and acceptable.

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Comment by stupid Amerkin
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What do you expect from a generation of violent video games and SWAT Team movies? These power mad gun totin thugs or hired guns who have signed an oath, maybe they didn't, to guard and protect our rights, liberty pursuit of happiness and the Constitution don't even know the first article of the Constitution. Would this not be perjury and even treason. ALL BY DESIGN. "It is almost impossible to teach someone the truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth). Maybe we need to learn a lesson from the Egyptian people.

Comment by tittiger
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Cops the only profession in the world that consistently act like scum bag criminals.

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