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Yellowstone supervolcano, new Ice Age could topple US government

• Terrence Aym
As evidence mounts that the world may fast be slipping into the next Ice Age, Washington insiders are hurrying to solidify a new power base for centralized government operations. Fears that the US capital might be struck by another more deadly terrorist attack—or other disasters—prompted agencies a decade ago to hurriedly establish back-up operations in case catastrophe struck. The actual story of the Denver airport, the nation's "second capital," the impending Ice Age possibility, and the threat the Yellowstone supervolcano presents to the people of the United States of America and their government follows...

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Comment by PureTrust
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The way America has been killing off its population by, destroying the elderly through drugs and poor nutrition, destroying the very young through abortion, and destroying its strength by sending our boys and girls off to stupid non-wars, it seems like we don't really want to live at all.

Maybe the Creator will give us what we seem to be asking for by making this pending volcano blow-up the biggest the world has ever known... activated very soon.