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A Recap of Last Night’s Meetup — Why Networking is Key


This is Holly Pain filling in for Simon Black today, as he is a bit under the weather.

Last night, Simon and his business partner, Matt Smith, had the pleasure of meeting a large group of impressively sovereign men and women during a casual get together at the Jet Hotel in downtown Denver.

What an incredible group of people.

Several people I spoke with are picking up stakes and moving abroad this year, to places such as Brazil and Singapore. A man who’s just a few years out of college told me over drinks that he was about to open his first foreign bank account, as he’s keen on legally and safely diversify his assets abroad.

A gentleman who has been living in Panama for the past decade talked about his fantastic experiences in that country, and shared that he’s broadening his horizons soon to Paraguay and Ecuador.

One couple we spoke with, people who had spent time in locales as varied as Botswana and Malaysia, said that although they were perfectly happy in their sustainable homestead, one tucked into a picturesque Colorado valley, they were itching to roll up their sleeves and help out with the Resilient Community.

Simon and Matt addressed the crowd for close to an hour, fielding all sorts of questions ranging from Perth Mint Certificate reporting requirements to capital controls. They also spent a lot of time sharing their vision for the resilient community, which Matt and Simon call their top priority this year.

Their concept is to design a community that is capable of providing its own energy, food, water supply, etc. It will be capable of withstanding any system shocks, natural or man-made.

As they pointed out to the group, we’ve recently seen entire populations without access to these basic resources in Japan and Egypt. The way we live in modern society has created deep dependencies on our governments, grids, and infrastructure systems, and Simon and Matt aim to create an environment that can prosper independently.

More importantly, the community should be a place where freedom and free enterprise thrive, where people are free to define their own realities and create value without the need for a centralized planning authority. This is now a regular topic over at Sovereign Man: Confidential, and we invite you to join the conversation.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience to meet so many intelligent, motivated, sound minds… and from my own impressions, the group was excited to meet each other. It’s one of the things we value so much in Sovereign Man: Confidential– the ability for people to establish real relationships with like-minded people.

After all, the old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” is absolutely true. Now more than ever.


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Comment by Don Duncan
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Sovereign Man sounds interesting. I would like to join but $345/yr is too steep for this pensioner. I really wanted to know how to move gold out of the country just in case I needed to leave because of martial law & riots. Is there any way to safely move assets offshore during such times?  And where would I go? Switzerland or Hong Kong require a net worth I can't match.

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