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Nearly 50% Don't Pay Federal Income Tax: Let's Make it 100%

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Every year around this time, millions of Americans fill out a form 1040 – hoping they don't have to write a check to Uncle Sam. Millions more know they will be getting a “refund”; which is normally a return of some portion of “their money” that was withheld in excess of what the IRS thinks they were “owed;” while a smaller number will receive a “refund” in excess of the amount withheld by the IRS. The Tax Policy Center reports that nearly 50% of “households” filing with the IRS will “pay no income tax.” While this enrages many people who will claim that the 50% that do pay are “supporting” the 50% that don't, I see things a little differently. The 50% that do pay income tax are not “supporting” anyone. The Grace Commission in 1984 issued a report that stated in part, “100 percent of what is collected (by the IRS) is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt...all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from their

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