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'Atlas Shrugged' Producer Promises Two Sequels Despite Terrible Reviews, Poor Box Office

• The Hollywood Reporter
In a change of heart, John Agialoro vowed Wednesday to go through with his plans to make the next two installments, even though critics hate the movie and business at movie theaters has fallen off a cliff.

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Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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I thought the 1st part of the movie was better than the book, very entertaining and I look foward to the 2nd and 3rd parts of the movie. They are not really sequels, they are parts of the one movie. The best selling book was over 1000 pages and the 1st part only covered the beginning of the book. The socialist/fascists won't see it because it will show them how ignorant they are. Their loss! One woman came up to me after the movie, knowing I had read the book and said how it portrays so closely, how things really are today. Here is a book written really about what was part of the cause of the 1st Great Depression, exemplifying the same causes of 2nd Great Depression. It just goes to show us the failed Keynesian/Fascist economic model is still in existence and until we eliminate it, the majority is doomed to remain as economic slaves.