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Senate Sneaks RFID Drivers License, Internet ID into Transportation Bill

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The Florida Senate Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability on Wednesday approved an amendment to include “electronic authentication,” as well as “biometrics” to Florida Driver’s licenses. In addition, the amendment to SB 1150, which passed committee on a 12-0 vote, instructs the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to provide a security token that can be electronically authenticated through a personal computer. This new amendment lays the groundwork for radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to be implanted into drivers’ licenses. In much the same way that merchandise in a warehouse includes RFID tags to track items through the distribution process, RFID tags on drivers’ licenses would give authorities an additional tool to track anyone carrying a drivers’ license within the reception range of an RFID reader.

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Comment by Dave Wilber
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 Will someone tell me what is a FL DL is please?

It was mentioned by someone who caused me to

ask this question.



Comment by Paul Donovan
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The RFID is just the start of BIG brother getting in your face. We are losing our freedoms at a staggering rate the last few years. We need to vote them all out in 2012 or we will see another Hitler Germany come to America. God bless our country and people.

Comment by David Forty
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 Everyone must resist this tyranny. I got my new FL DL this last year. The first thing I did was to black out the bar codes with permanent marker. Then I destroyed the magnetic strip with high powered magnets and pin pricks. I laugh every time I need to present my ID and they can't automatically read the magnetic strip or the bar codes and must enter the information manually. If I live long enough to renew again to a new DL with the RFID I'll run the thing through a 10,000 volt Jacob's ladder arc and fry the damn thing.  Screw Big Brother!