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I Could Not Make This Up: Osama bin Laden's body buried at sea

Osama bin Laden, the long-time figurehead of the al Qaeda terrorist network, has been buried at sea after being killed in a U.S. raid in Pakistan. U.S. officials told CBS News that bin Laden's body would be handled in accordance with Muslim traditions, which include strict rules on burial taking place within 24 hours after death. Sources confirmed to CBS News national security correspondent David Martin that his body was released into the sea from a U.S. Navy vessel on Monday, likely into the Indian Ocean. Bin Laden was a Saudi national, but officials tell CBS News that the Kingdom was unwilling to have his remains repatriated. He was killed in a U.S. raid launched early Monday in the relatively-well-heeled town of Abbottabad, near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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"I shot Bigfoot yesterday. I ate him and dumped the remains in the lake before I could prove it. Just take my word for it. Seriously." - Doug Stanhope

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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A conspiracy to cover up the conspiracy. Makes perfect sense to me.

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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lol...I can only laugh anymore. I was wondering how they were going to deal with that pesky evidence thing. They sodomize detainees, but now must suddenly be compliant with Sharia Law and destroy the 'evidence'...I mean the body. How convenient. I suppose they forgot to take a picture too. 

Comment by Treavor Presentlyinphoenix
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I had to get a cup of coffee just so I could take another look and let coffee almost fly out of my mouth. I bet every Starbucks in the land is a complete almost mess this morning. 

I been pondering on this thing, it's interesting to see the post on what the metal markets are doing, actually it's freaking freaky what metal is doing and I suspect that's the real ball in play.

The surface game, seems to me that "they" are self-consciously isolating  the "conspiracy people". They know that certificate and this little fancy-dance will be a feeding-frenzy for the conspiracy folks. It's a pretty "in-your-face" kind of move. You've been called out. Actually, it's kinda like somebody's just begging you to dance. Somebody needs you to perform. That's my guess. You are the new distraction.

They are smart enough to know that you will attempt to use this to your advantage. You will try to use this to attain more visibility. They will pretend to try and stop you. Lines will get drawn. This is an "in or out" thing. Everybody that pretends to believe the line is in. Everybody else is out.

It's a litmus test for the elections. It's a boundary for the "neo-tea party". This is the bi-partisan message to voters: do you want to believe in a nice, normal America or do you want to go with the "wackos"?

Hey, the royal wedding was a great trial run for that eh? Clearly they wanted to see how well they could sell a fairy tale. Everything I'm seeing is they're gonna try exactly that this election. I think the almost gratuitous application of ironic stench here is generated by the fact that they'll have to go to some serious extremes to find more fairy-dust. They are fresh out of unicorns and rainbows are getting harder and harder to find.

Comment by Anonymous
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Okay, Gammill … that makes the two of us suspicious. So, what’s your theory of conspiracy behind this announcement of Osama’s burial in the sea?  Make it more interesting than Ernie’s … great opportunity to entertain our readers!


Comment by Powell Gammill
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Interesting. "Senior administration officials will only say that bin Laden "resisted." And then the man behind the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil died from an American bullet to his head."

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The Washington Post reported yesterday that burial at sea was bing considered to deny bin Laden's body as a rallying point for martyrdom. 

A full autopsy (marked top secret) would have been done by the CIA to determine how accurate their MD's were on diagnosing bin Ladin from afar.  Guaranteed.

Since some publications yesterday indicated President Obama's orders were to capture AND kill Osama we will unlikely know the true death of bin Laden---whether he was captured alive, ID confirmed and then summarily assassinated.

Indeed, without a body it is quite possible bin Laden is currently strapped in a restraint chair facing a torturous lifetime of interrogation followed by disposal.  

Or, I hear the CIA has great plastic surgeons useful for when loyal agents need to retire.

Or, agent "bin Laden" has ceased to exist for years and this story merely puts an end to the cover while providing President Obama with a ratings boost.

Without a body we will never know.  Now about that birth certificate....

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