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Osama Takedown Sets Twitter Record

• John C Abell via

As if a service with hundreds of millions of users needed to come of age, Twitter is said to have had its CNN moment Sunday night as the “place” where the news of the commando raid which killed Osama bin Laden was first shared.

From a Blackberry, no less.

Prior to that, Twitterers quickly spread the news about Obama’s hastily announced speech, long before one could find confirmation on Google News. And there was even a real-time account of what was going on in the neighborhood by an unsuspecting witness who complained of helicopter noise. All of this happened long before before President Obama made it official, and as news presenters on TV ran out of things to say.

Twitter didn’t weigh in with a statement or a blog post about the milestone reached Sunday night. Instead, it
tweeted some staggering numbers. It also provided a nifty graphic which showed that Tweeting peaked at 11 p.m. EDT, just as Americans would be tuning in to the late local news for the first time.

A record for tweets per second was not set — that is still NYE 2010 in Japan. It took four tweets — pesky 140-character limit — but the message was clear: