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Jeff Bezos Invests $19.5 Million in General Fusion's Nuclear Technology


Bring up the prospect of fusion power, and often eyes glaze over. It’s not that it’s not a thrilling prospect--cheap and inexhaustible energy would solve a lot of problems here on planet Earth--but it’s been such a pipe dream for so long that it’s often hard to make people care. But at least one person with a proven track record in recognizing potential when he sees it has taken an interest in a fusion-powered future: Amazon founder and gazillionaire Jeff Bezos has thrown $19.5 million to Canada’s General Fusion to fund further research.

PopSci wrote about General Fusion back in late 2008, when the company was just getting underway in its efforts to completely upend the global energy paradigm in an office park British Colombia. At the time the company said it could provide data that would prove that fusion is indeed possible within three to four years. We haven’t seen that (publicly) yet, but whatever Bezos has seen apparently impressed him.

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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 This makes sense. Lithium definitely has the energy potential. I had a conversation once with a science and chemistry doctoral student at Washington State Univ. who described how they accidently obliterated one of their science buildings on campus in the late 80's when they experiemented with bombarding Lithium-3 with high-energy lasers. A sample of Lithium-3 the size of a pea flattened a 3-story masonry building. The Defense Department, who was funding the research suddenly confiscated and suppressed all the information generated by the experiment, citing Nat'l. Security concerns that the event was too easily replicated by potential terrorists as a weaponized alternative to uranium or plutonium based bombs.