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Hemp and the Rule of Law


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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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The evil doers will never have to stop what they are doing to us because US,you and I, allow them to destroy us.These evil doers cast votes to destroy you and I and walk down the street like nothing happened...they are FREE to do as they please..they have no FEAR,and nothing will change until they do..they will just continue on the same path of destruction as we;you and I set on our asses and DO NOTHING...We must - Walk the Walk like they say,or nothing will ever change,and bye the way! we have them out numbered to say the least.

Comment by Ted Varney
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The complete ignorance embodied and reflected by the “Reefer Madness” mentality, it being the result of nothing more than propaganda, has been the primary element in the reduction of the quality of life that we presently experience: one of those “self-inflicted wounds. Over stating? How about killing our children to keep our hegemony over this raw material, oil.


Had Henry Ford been allowed to continue his R and D, we would be requiring only half the amount of oil that we require now. Try to grasp the meaning of that and smoke it.