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Over Sized Neutron Star

• arclein
Last October a group of astronomers using the Green Bank Radio Telescope found a neutron star that has a mass of nearly twice that of the Sun. The measurement of the mass is extremely precise because the neutron star is actually a pulsar (PSR J1614-2230) that spins on its axis at 317 times per second with clock-like regularity.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Please note that in the explanations about WHY distant objects in space work the way they do, we only have ideas, possibly theories, hypotheses, and all sorts of other goodies. What we don't have is FACT.

We may have fact in WHAT we observe, but we don't really have any fact in the reasons that it is the way it is. Such reasoning MIGHT be accurate, but there are too many variables that are unaccounted for, for us to be anywhere near certain about the WHY behind almost anything distant out there.

In other words, it is all really just guess-work.