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The Amish Hate Us for Our Pasteurized Milk

• Lew Rockwell
The government's war on raw milk is not only a war on freedom, but it is also a jihad against that old-fashioned (and very obsolete) notion that your health is your responsibility. The state does not want its subjects to be self-sufficient, self-educated, and gaining power through knowledge. Because knowledge is power - the power to question conventional wisdom and reject conformity is a blessed thing for individuals and society, but it is a menace to the authoritarians and conformists.

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I think what this means is that it is not that you shouldn't fight for your liberty and freedom in the right place and at the right time -- it is just that when criminals and persons found engaged in criminal activities as a way of life disobey and challenge the law with brute force less superior than that of the State or the Government in the world of thuggery that enforces it, it's never a win-win situation.  No such thing as perfect crime against the State.


Comment by Anonymous
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Thinking upside down like what’s in this report, the mind needs to be “pasteurized” to prevent an intellectual E.coli contamination. The infected author says: If a government law has made anything illegal, it must therefore be accepted that the banned item or activity is inherently harmful or wicked, and therefore that law protects society. Almost no one steps back to ponder who benefits from the government's decrees in terms of power and profits at the expense of individuals and truly free markets.


     It “protects society” if the Government through its health arms declares that drinking unpasteurized milk can cause the spread of Samonella, E.coli and Listeria and other food- borne diseases.


     It likewise “protects society” if the Government catches you engaged in an “activities” like drug-trafficking … like the thrill of harming or killing people for the fun of it, and the Government blasts your door open and barges in, especially in the middle of the night to get you; it is beyond any reasonable doubt that what you are doing is “inherently harmful or wicked”, this needless to say.




      Lastly, preventing the spread of dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria that comes from gulping raw milk -- which is also causing numerous food-borne diseases -- is NEVER “at the expense” of either the individuals or the “ truly free market”. The protection of the people CAN NEVER BE THE DEMISE OF FREE MARKET in whatever form of economics one may blah-blah about.  One who brandishes this crap must be in a delirium.


    The need to reach you with this wake-up call is imperative because when you say otherwise, and your mind operates this way, you definitely need help!


     They will also put you in a white straitjacket if you keep on brandishing your gun to shoot anyone who prevents you from drinking unpasteurized milk, claiming that this is tantamount to taking away from you your liberty and freedom!  What kind of a jerk we are dealing with is beyond me.

Comment by Goshe King
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The fact that you reversed the use of word 'jihad', probably some ‘fox channel’ definition of the word, is a proof of your misconception toward the subject. I agree with the theme of your news article but please don't use the words you know nothing about. Contact me so I can explain what it means. I am sure your intentions were not bad but a writer has a responsibility and you have to be careful about what you say and how you say it. This is because you may end up misinforming the masses and don't even know it. Thanks

Goshe King 



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