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Status Quo’s Biggest Fear: Renewable Energy Will Change the Game

The Status Quo’s biggest fear: that we’ll change the game A renewable energy revolution could release a surge of human energy not seen since the waning days of the industrial revolution. And that’s the problem. As Charles has written again and again, those who control the system are vested in the status quo. They have no interest in the decentralization of energy production, or of anything else in the economy. An individual or local community with a home grown supply of what would ultimately be cheap energy would be an empowered individual, and an empowered community. The effects of that metamorphosis would be felt throughout the organizational world. If I can produce my own energy, maybe I can grow at least some of my own food too. And maybe I can start trading with my neighbors, or with people far away—we already have the internet enabling us to do that. And if I can drive an electric car—powered by energy from the solar panels on my house, I never have to buy gasoline. And maybe we can use barter… I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, but all of that potential is real. If you’re an organizational chieftain it could very well mean that the wave you’ve been riding on for decades is about to crash on the beach. If you’re in the upper echelons of government, you know that that type of economy would be infinitely more difficult to collect taxes in because far less money is changing hands. Solar/wind power means no checks written to power utilities; electric cars running on home grown electricity means no credit cards are swiped at gas stations; home grown food means less money changes hands at grocery store check outs, and so on. The status quo and its supporters want no part of that. In the current economic conglomeration, we’re system-dependent. And we’re taught to be that way--take care of the system, and the system will take care of you. This has bred a level of dependency not seen in human history. But a new energy source, one that we ourselves could produce, and the technology and economic force it would release would empower us to take control of our lives and the future. We’d no longer look to the system, but to ourselves and to the people closest to us, where it should have been all along. Can we imagine the magnitude of such a shift, especially against the constraints of the tightly controlled system we live in now?

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Two signifcantly important systems are currenting in stages of development and/or manufacturing that will change the energy game. One is Valencia Energy's frequency vortex particle excellerator that is currently having two different third party evaluations being conducted on a 5 kwh system with the results forthcoming in a few days or so. Its inventors claim over unit and I'm fairly confident they are correct. The other is the Energy Catalizer, a low temp Nickel and Hydrogen reactor developed by the Italian Scientists Rossi and Focardi.  They are now manufacturing a 1 MW system that will run the factory where they will be just making small home units. There projection based on an actually 4,000+ hour test is less than $0.01 per kWh. Valencia is undercapitalized and are trying to lease 1 MW systems in the range of $0.11 to $0.14 per KWh  with only the 5 kWh system actually produced so far.  It appears from my limited knowledge that the system is scalable and Valencia is seeking PPAs with a number of governments and private companies showing high levels of interest.  These systems are real game changers.    

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