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Ron Paul considering signing marriage pledge.

I am the biggest Ron Paul supporter I know, but if he engages in this pandering to the religious right, I will absolutely never vote for him or support him in any way.

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Comment by tittiger
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Ron Paul what the heck is wrong with you? You know darn well the marriage does not even belong in the realm of the things the state should be involved in.

Comment by trevor
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Hmmmm.....I guess my previous sounded unnecessarily glum. A proper recollection is it takes the smartest of us like 3 years of reading to even get grounded in the concepts of liberty and another 2 years of argument to form and defend your own concept of liberty. And this whole business of everybody suddenly comparing themselves to the libertarian position, well, man after so many years of being completely ignored, that's just a downright odd feeling. Like a dog that never gets petted. There's nothing wrong with getting petted but it just feels strange at first.

And does anybody else get the feeling that a bunch of fundamental recluses like us aren't exactly natural spokespeople out of the box? So that's where I'm pretty jazzed about all these young people all the sudden. Frankly, everything I can think of to do is being done better than I could do it by somebody younger and better looking.

I did just think of one thing. Libertarian comedy. Ever wonder why there's no such thing? I think it has something to do with the fact that everything we talk about is deadly serious. OK so what would it take to get us to laugh at ourselves?

Well here's something I whipped up today. I'm not sure it's funny or I might just be crazy as usual, but if you find this amusing let me know and I'll try and cook up some more. Like everything I do, this is highly experimental and my failure rate is well over 80% so it's not gonna hurt my feelings if you tell me it sucks. 




Comment by trevor
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It's all spill-over.  I've basically been in a state of shock for the past 5 years. I've always felt that getting behind Dr. Paul in GOP was a massive tactical victory but a major strategic blunder. We gained legitimacy with at best 50% of the people.

Man, I actually believed running Dr. Paul was a feint and we were gonna run him as libertarian as a second move. Use the machine to garner attention and divert to a real alternative.

The way I see it now is somehow with Glen Beck, that self-deluded trickster and nobody less than the Judge calling every corporate shill on Foxnews "his very close personal friend", we just allowed ourselves to get painted into a corner and we've just lost credibility to another generation.

Freedom is opt-in. We can't cram it down people's throats, it just don't work that way. If half the nation actually doesn't want freedom, we can't exactly force them can we?