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A gunrunning sting gone fatally wrong

• Washington Post

On his first day undercover, John Dodson, who had been an ATF agent for seven years in Virginia, sat in a Chevy Impala with Olindo Casa, an 18-year veteran from Chicago. They watched a suspected gun trafficker buy 10 semiautomatic rifles from a Phoenix gun store and followed him to the house of another suspected trafficker. All of their training told them to seize the guns.

The agents called their superior and asked for the order to “take him.” The answer came back swiftly, instructing them to stay in the car. The message was clear: Let the guns go.


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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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To start BATFE should not exist. Secondly no they should not have confiscated any guns as the gun laws go against the Constitution and the concept of Inalienable rights. They are also thought crimes.

The ONLY act that should be addressed is when someone breaks a "mala en se" law. Such as murder.  The rest are though crimes. Mala prohibita law. And jack booted thuggery.