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Quartzsite, Arizona: Blueprint For A Police State Takeover

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First the town Mayor is forced out of office, then a state of emergency is declared in secret and if matters couldn’t get any worse for the unfortunate townspeople of Quartzsite, the majority of the police force is now being forced to stay in their own homes during working hours. Nine out of a total of fourteen Quartzsite, Arizona police officers have been suspended, all of which just happened to be whistle blowers who exposed their corrupt police chief.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Only a real street thug would do that …

I find this comment quite interesting: The right to complain and petition government representatives date back to the Magna Carta.  When government thugs deny that right they do so at their own peril.  Rightly so.

The right to complain and petition the government for redress dates back to the Magna Carta – but you do it the right way, at a proper time, in the right place. A citizen has that right. A red provocateur who calls for blood, who published a threat to kill and to harm the Chief of Police and the police force in her newspaper according to her hate campaign agenda, and who advertised a hate-driven killer like Jared Lee Loughner as a Patriot, becomes the enemy of the American public and loses that right.

I support JV’s wake up call to State haters in extremis addicted to abuse like they are to opium. Jones right to speak out her "grievances" by abusing or slandering the members of the City Council is definitely not the right way; doing a vitriolic denunciation of an alleged "corruption" without any supporting evidence, in public and in front of the camera while the Council was in session was not the proper time and Jones was at the wrong place to do that. The court of law is her proper venue. The Magna Carta neither encourages nor supports redress of a wrongdoing by verbal abuse or slander. If the government is really a "thug", you don’t act like a thug yourself because a wrong does not and cannot right a wrong. Only a real thug would do that.

Comment by Anonymous
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It looks like JV is a calm pacifier of facts in the storm of angry falsehood [???] published in this website against the father-image of the Chief of Police and the City Council who are helping the Mayor that runs Quartzsite like a Marine boot camp.

But just the same -- Congrats JV for daring to take the cudgel of fairness in this r3volutionary website, for and in behalf of a balance exposure of what’s happening in Quartzsite.

Comment by Anonymous
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Does the "Mayor hate Nazi's?!" It may not be obvious to some that he does -- but he calls his enemy, the Chief of Police, a "Nazi". So then let us just say that he does not love the Chief of Police who due to the Mayor's incompetence and ignorance, is -- all if not most of the time -- always proving the Mayor wrong.

The incompetent Nazi-hating Mayor and his ignorant accomplices running the township encouraged leftist "agents provocateurs" like this radical media provocateur Jennifer Jones to infiltrate the government of this remote community somewhere in the desert of Arizona. His rival – the educated and more knowledgeable Chief of Police upon whom the Town Council reportedly depends in running this enclave city – is to him always a Nazi … As a former Marine the Mayor no doubt has been indoctrinated to hate Nazis and trained to shoot Krauts dead . Thus to this Kraut hater, WWII continues in Quartzsite. Anyone who threatens the Chief of Police and the Q.P.D. like Jones did was welcome with open arms. To him to fire them all is a fait accompli.

As the presiding Chair of the City Council in session, the Mayor should have pounded the gavel and declared the slandering speaker out of order -- the only way of putting the meeting to order when a person like Jones who was given the floor started to slander the Chief of Police, the whole police force and the members of the City Council pursuant to the provocateur’s hate-campaign agenda. Instead, the Mayor enjoyed the verbal abuse of his enemies, and the entire Council members have to put the meeting in order by calling the nearby peace officers and removing the "crazy" one out of the room. Was the Mayor "in control" of the meeting? Yes – in the most self-serving ignorant way. He didn’t deserve the trust of the people of Quartzsite when they voted him Mayor obviously by a terrible mistake. He kicked the bucket hard with his toes against his imagined enemies and the Governor, the DA's Office, and the FBI didn't even give a hoot to his vitriolic ramblings.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The Mayor hates Nazi's?!  No wonder he has to go.

Also, you had my attention right up until you started obfuscating: Ms. Jones had the floor and had been recognized to speak by the man who controlled the floor (The Mayor) during the alloted time the public was invited to speak at the open council meeting. 

The right to complain and petition government representatives date back to the Magna Carta.  When government thugs deny that right they do so at their own peril.  Rightly so.

There is a reason they dismissed 2/3rds of their own police force.  And you are correct---this has all the signs of a tragic ending. 

It would be nice to see the tragedy visit plenty of people receiving government checks for once.  Unfortunately, the government of Quartzite has been the aggressor in nearly every instance as is the pattern of tyrants.  I suspect it will be the peaceful ones who pay the price for their defiance once again.  It will end in tears.

Comment by Anonymous
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Media activist Jennifer "Jade" Jones, 45, a pet groomer and publisher of a radical publication called Desert Freedom Press, published a THREAT to the life of the Quartzsite Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert and the whole police department [Q.P.D.] as follows:

"So Jeff and Q.P.D., the next time you piss off a PATRIOT, think maybe, just maybe they won't be as calm as I am. You think nothing bad will ever happen to you because you are a cop with a 10-cent badge and a gun? Don't be so sure. ..."

This threat was published in Jones’ Desert Freedom Press just three days after the Jared Lee Loughner shooting in Tucson, Arizona where Congresswoman Gabrielle was almost killed and scores of dead body and the injured scattered in the ground floor of the mall in the wake of a hate-driven shooting spree.

As "agent provocateur" that took advantage of the ignorance of the town folks, Jones ascribed a Media accolade to the killer Loughner as a PATRIOT. This steering of killer Loughner's kind of hatred in the town was not only subversive but also seditious. Jones infiltrated the town’s Council Meeting, and right there in the meeting after grabbing a microphone, had verbally abused the members of the Council accusing them of alleged "corruptions". The incompetent Mayor didn’t put the meeting to order right from the very beginning when Jones started to turn the session into her personal boot camp while castigating the elected members of the City Council non-stop. The Council Members acted out of the incompetence of an inutile Mayor, and had police officers hauled Jones out of the room. The left-leaning alternative media's banner headlines that Jones was "kidnapped" out of the room by the Chief of Police were as false their grandmothers' false teeth.

The Chief of Police previously briefed and warned the City Council of "agents provocateur" spreading their demons in the town of Quartzsite. Gilbert told the City Council that "These words [publisher Jones’published threats to Gilbert and Q.P.D.] are warning signs. The propaganda that's being spread about the local government – these are warning signs. The behavior, the outbursts, the actions that have been taking place in some of these council meetings [shown by radical activist Jones], they are warning signs."

Gilbert stressed those warning signs of violence being spread and hatred being peddled around town. The next mass killing that probably would take place may not only occur in Quartzsite but anywhere anytime …

Indeed, this requires a lot of prayers not only from the town folks of Quartzsite but also from you and me -- that you and I and our love ones be spared – that we are not at the wrong place at a wrong time when the result of this hate-spawning activities of the enemy within explodes right in our face. JV

Comment by Anonymous
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Nazi-Hater Mayor, An Accomplice Alternative Media And The Town Of Quarzsite Infiltrated By The Left’s "Agents Provocateurs"

Many spitfire commentators are torch-blowing the City Council and the Chief of Police as the culprits in the on-going controversy. They are not aware of the following:

Two major opposing forces clashed in the town of Quartzsite, taking advantage of the weakness and ignorance of the people. The City Council is the governing body of the town. The people depend on it. In turn, the City Council depends on the Chief of Police named Jeff Gilbert who reports say is the only most educated, fair-minded knowledgeable member of the whole officialdom.

In the opposite side is Mayor Ed Foster, a Nazi-hater. He was a former Marine trained to shoot Krauts or Nazis dead. Anybody who has differences with him is a Kraut. He still lives his Marine life as Mayor of Quartzsite. He spitefully calls the Chief of Police "Nazi" who according to him is heading a "corrupt" police force. Aligning with him is the Alternative Media. A hate-based publication run by Jennifer Jones, a pet-groomer, infiltrated the town council meeting and started lambasting the City Council and Jeff Gilbert, the Chief of Police of "corruption"!

The incompetent Mayor did not call the meeting in order when this alternative media lefty "agent provocateur" started to verbally abuse the members of the City Council in the middle of the meeting. Peace officers were called by the City Council members and hauled the abusive media intruder out of the session hall. The alternative media bannered stories that the Chief of Police Gilbert "kidnapped" Jones while expressing his right to free speech [in the wrong place, at a wrong time]. This false blinder of the left-leaning alternative media caught up fire and burned so many spitfire commentators into attacking the City Council and the Chief of Police of Quartzsite! I have nothing but sympathy for them.

By the way, this pet-groomer hate-monger of the alternative media has published a threat to the life of the Chief of Police and the QPD, just within a week after the Jared Lee Loughner killing that seriously wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle and left several dead bodies and those severely injured, in the wake of a hate-shooting spree.

To summarize, my assessment of what’s happening in Quartzsite, an isolated community of simple folks living in the fringes of civilization so to speak is that a group of "agents provocateurs" from the Left took advantage of the people’s ignorance and had taken over this less developed remote frontier town somewhere in the middle of the vast desert of Arizona. The Mayor named Ed Foster, is not in control of the town reportedly because of his discriminatory prejudice and ignorance of the law. To him anyone who has differences with him will always be a "Nazi". As a former Marine, reports say that in the military he has been indoctrinated to hate and kill "Krauts or shoot Nazis dead" as what happened in WWII. He still lived his war with "Nazis" in Quartzsite, Arizona to this day.

I do not claim infallibility in summarizing those reports. However, I do believe that this website should publish both sides of the story as the story unfolds. It should not be biased in favor of who submits the angriest comments against the City Council and the police department who are doing the best they could for the people ruled by a prejudiced and incompetent Mayor. If charges of corruption against the City Council and the Chief of Police have any substance at all, these should have been brought to court long time ago. It was not. The fact that the Governor and the DA’s office refused to intrude or take a look at those charges of alleged corruptions tell us something is not right and just babbling if not politically-motivated nonsense in the air. If there is any probable cause to belief that those charges are true, the FBI the accusers contacted would have intervened and conducted an investigation… but FBI didn’t! Obviously, the quarrel was an inside town in-fighting where the people of Quartzsite should realize sooner than later, that their town is run by an incompetent Mayor and infiltrated by hate-promoting "agents provocateurs".

And the alternative media wants a bite of it like sharks do in a feeding frenzy! JV

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Have no worries...that Great American you people elected to lead you will never allow such a thing to happen in America...I mean damn! he grew up in America,and understands what an American is....ha ha ha ha He`ll win the next election also because you so called Brave Americans won`t do one damn thing to stop the election fraud "The New Black Panthers"   those dirty looking scum bags with little sticks will kick you asses..ha ha ha ha what a joke you people are.You should see yourselves from the outside      soooooo funny.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So What? do any of you think the "Home of the Brave" will do anything about it..ha ha ha ha ha think again!!Americans are self serving Cowards right down to their last breath,and they`ll take that breath with barry jamming them in the rear.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Welcome to Any Town USA. What they don't tell you is that this or worse goes on in every town in Amerika. That is the dirty little secret.  The 2000 pound elephant in the middle of the living room.

Comment by Temper Bay
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What a pathetic bunch of sheep these people are.  But, while they aren't worth helping or saving a merc might find a piece or two of gold there.