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'Community Meeting' Seeking Input From YOU Regarding 'Police Staffing Policies' Aug.

• North Valley Neighborhood Association Newsletter
I received the following notice from the Chairman of our 'Neighborhood Association':
For your information.


David Doherty

NVNA Chairman





Attached is an invitation to attend a very important community meeting on August 3rd. The Phoenix Police Department is seeking your input with regards to the recently released Efficiencies Report by the Berkshire Organization. This report contains recommendations with regards to how our police department is staffed.


I believe several of the proposed changes will negatively impact our neighborhoods.  While some of the recommendations are good, many others are based only on "efficiency" at the expense of proven policies and community based policing.


I've learned good policing is more than just reacting to crime. With our current community based policies, we are developing partnerships between the police and our neighborhoods and our police and neighbors are working to identify and solve problems in our neighborhoods.   


Please forward this invitation to your neighborhood e-mail lists and encourage all your neighbors to attend.


If you have any questions, please contact me.


Thank you,

Ginnie Ann Sumner


Pierce Unified Neighborhood

602 840 3881

here is text from the attached flyer:

6:00 p.m.


August 3, 2011



Sgt. Lisa Gilligan, (602)534-8633


Marriott, Phoenix Air Port

1101 North 44th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Community Meeting:

The Phoenix Police Department is seeking your in-put on the recently released Efficiencies Report by The Berkshire Organization. Please come learn what recommendations for change have been made with regards to staffing the Phoenix Police Depart-ment. Your opinions will be considered in the im-plementation phase of the recommendations. Please plan to attend, Your voice counts!

I had no clue as to what this is about other than what you've just read, so I did a search on the issue, and found 'Citizens For' that had a June 13th article on the subject: Citizens for Phoenix Fights to Get Citizen Input on Phoenix PD’s Self Review of the Berkshire Report If you click on 'Read More' it will take you to that article.  It has links to the report itself, as well as links to the Community Perspective and the Organizational Chart.

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Comment by David Jackson
Entered on:

   Is this where everyone gets together and lights a candle or releases a balloon, while invoking the Great Pumpkin?

   This meeting is playing into the hands of the very people who are so piously abusing the very people who are likely to attend. Mark my words:  The system - the self-annointed guardians of it - will do what "it" pleases. Any turnout for a "town hall" circus will be used as an example of "including the public" and "soliciting public input", in regard to any policies that might be implemented. The larger the turnout the more lip service to "community involvement.

    I'd be willing to bet just about anything that there will be little or no "policy" change in favor of the citizens. There will not be anything that alters what is already in place. (To change anything would be admission of earlier failure and lack of attention to the community and the rights of free U.S. citizens...When pigs fly!)

     The folks in Arizona are in grave danger - especially, former Marines who try to defend themselves. Every citizen of Arizona should be looking for a safe place to live, outside of the police state that it has become. The governor's office doesn't care, and there is no interest from the FBI or U.S Attorney's office. What is being experienced is the tyranny of unjust law and law enforcement.

     As for myself, Arizona used to be one of my favorite places in the world, what few friends I might have call(ed) it home. I will never set foot in the state, again and will advise all my students and enoyone else who will listen to avoid any attempts at pleasure or business within the borders of the "People's Republic of Arizona".