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Congress To Decide Whether Super Congress Could Impose Gun Control

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Gun owner registration … bans on semi-automatic firearms … adoption of a UN gun control treaty -- all of these issues could very well be decided over the next 24 hours.

Both houses of Congress will be voting on a debt ceiling bill that establishes a legislative committee with TREMENDOUS powers.  Fox News is calling this committee a SUPER CONGRESS, because its legislative proposals (which could include gun control provisions) CANNOT be filibustered or amended in the Senate or House.

To understand what a huge deal this is, consider that House Speaker John Boehner is able to keep a mountain of gun control bills from coming to the floor of the House.  That’s the power of the Speaker.

And in the Senate, we have been able to kill much of the gun control agenda by filibustering legislation (that is, requiring the Majority Leader to get a supermajority or 60 votes in order to pass gun control).

The most recent example of this occurred earlier this year when we defeated a radical, anti-gun judicial nomination (Goodwin Liu) using the filibuster.  The filibuster has been our saving grace in the Senate, but that could be tossed within the next 24 hours.


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Comment by James Eldridge
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Your right David. When I read things wanting to be done by the UN and watching our US military walking around with a UN patch on their uniform while wearing the UN's blue hat, I know that they have already gotten inside the mind of those that do what they are told by these people to do. I may be wrong, but when they do make the move to take away those personal firearms, I expect there to be another false flag to scare the rest of the public to give up without a fight what they consider is for their safety. Millions that have guns of all different kinds will not go easy with this unless they are threatened by the kind of force we will be watching happen to those that resist. To end this, we have to go after those that do the bidding of these evils in Washington and all those in the UN. With the lacky's working for them gone, no one in Washington will be hitting the streets to do what they want those others to do for them. Stop the lacky's, win this war.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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 The time draws near when the  tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

 Do not delude yourself into thinking differently.


Comment by David Jackson
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    Anyone who relinquishes any portion of U.S. sovereignty to any group or organization that has anything to do whith the United Nations is a raging traitor to the country and every single citizen! (Tell that to your "elected representative". He/she won't care, one way or the other. I'll tell you who will care: Your children and grandchildren, who didn't ask to be enslaved by the most ludicrous gang of thugs to ever slither the face of the earth!)

    The only upside is that, assuming anyone is paying attention, it won't be hard to recognize the enemies and their agents.

    Anyone in this world who denies YOU the right and means to defend your life is your avowed enemy. Such sub-human offal want you as their servants. If that fails, they want you DEAD. There is no other reason to deny free maen and women the means with which to defend their lives against the tyranny of organized, political violence and subjugation.

    Even if you crave slavery for your self and loved ones, what harm can come if your friends and relatives are able to resist being turned into human farm animals. Or, at the very least, are able to defend their lives against criminal assault. (How does that hurt anyone but the criminal?)

    For good or ill, this is our country. It doesn't belong to a gang of international criminals who want us dead so they can rape our economy and resources, at will.

   Ask yourself why any government would do anything to disarm its citizenry - especially in the middle of World War III? (Maybe the war is't quite what it is professed to be.)

   More than likely, we've been sold out by our SELECTED leaders!