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Clinton Touts Libya War as ‘Smart Power’

When she took office as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton vowed a “forward thinking” foreign policy, using something she called “smart power.” At the time, nobody really knew what that meant, except that it was used to demand massive increases in the State Department’s budget. Today, we finally found out what it meant, as Clinton cheered the seemingly endless war in Libya as a perfect example of the “smart power” she’s been talking about all along. She insisted the US was “wisely building coalitions” in the war and had managed to “get other people on the field.” So far it doesn’t seem to be making much difference in the war, which was stalemated when the bombing campaign started in mid-March and remains stalemated to this day. The Gadhafi regime rejected the rumors of peace talks earlier this week, and the rebels reiterated that position today, with both insisting that the war would eventually be won.

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Comment by Carl Buschmann
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                              US Smart Power = Libya hates the US

Mrs. Clinton knows exactly what she is doing and should be tried as a Traitor.