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There have been so many little things at Reason that make me wonder, since the days where some of their writers advocated war and nation-building in Iraq. But this takes the cake. I don't subscribe to the magazine, so I can't cancel the subscription, but here's my letter to the editor:

"Katherine Mangu-Ward's repeated assurances on Fox News that "Ron Paul not going to win" are strange and emotional. Her suggestion that she somehow is part of the inner circle and Ron Paul's own head, and can confidently say "...and Ron Paul knows he's not going to win," and is planning accordingly are even more outlandish, and fall into the realm of fantasy.

I have been following the campaigns of all the candidates. I haven't seen any of the candidates talk about what they are going to do beyond this: 1) Obama is going to do what he has been doing (which in no way was what he said he would do during his first presidential campaign); and 2) the other Republican candidates (except Paul) are all saying they will NOT do whatever it is that Obama's been doing, but since what he's been doing is exactly what the GOP supported under George W. Bush, it is not clear that they are being truthful in their vague campaign promises.

I'm just trying to reason this out


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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 I first subscribed to Reason in 1975, when it was little more than a monthly pamphlet. I cancelled my subscription over 8 years ago when it changed from Libertarian to Conservative.

Comment by David Forty
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 I cancelled my subscription to the Magazine and the YouTube Reason.TV channel. As far as I am concerned they don't exist any longer.

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