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Walter Block's Silly Article at (7 min. video response)

• Christine Smith YouTube Video
My video expressing my opinion of Walter Block's 8-19-2011 article "Ron Paul and the Self-Hating 'Libertarians' " published at

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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Christine Smith is an idiot!

She claims to reject any and all government, but when it comes to actually doing something about it, she's all mouth and no action -- all blather and no bother.

In the words of William Lloyd Garrison, "Urge immediate abolition as earnestly as we may, it will alas! be gradual abolition in the end. We have never said that slavery would be overthrown by a single blow; that it ought to be we shall always contend.”

The same thing is true of government.

She may be a Libertarian Anarchist (so am I), but doesn't she realize that government will NOT be "overthrown by a single blow?" That instead, it will have to be dismantled the same way it has built up; a little here, a little there, over time?

Someone once said that "the perfect is the enemy of the good." L. Neil Smith once commented on that by saying that, if we didn't TRY for the perfect, there WOULDN'T BE any good.

And he's right. We will TRY for the perfect, and most likely fall short -- so the result will be "only" good.

On the other hand, if we will accept nothing BUT the "perfect," there won't be any good either.

She seems to be rejecting anything but what she sees as being perfect, and thereby throws a monkey wrench into possibility of any good.

Proving that Walter Block is right! 

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