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“Everything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You, By Anybody, Now Or Decades Into The Future.”


There are politicians trying to eliminate anonymity on the net. That’s a very, very dangerous game to play. Beside the fact that it will always be easily circumvented when people know they need to be anonymous, the danger lies in when people don’t think of that need.

Every day, we say things that we wouldn’t say in other contexts. We react to news with WTF-type blurts, we react to stupid politicians and greedy bankers with emotional statements.

These statements are all-too-frequently social glue rather than intended to be taken at face value. More importantly, they are transient — they disappear as soon as they are spoken or heard. Would you really be comfortable if everything, everything, you said was recorded, permanently archived, and made searchable?

That’s where these politicians would have us.