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'The Anarchists Are Coming! The Anarchists Are Coming!'

• Lew Rockwell
According to a report in The Weekly Guardian, the City of Westminster (England) published a warning to the general public, urging them to report persons with anarchist views. "Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy. Any information relating to anarchists should be reported to your local police."

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Comment by Ed Price
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The real question is, who are the anarchists?

If an average group of people were pulled up from any society, and placed into a fertile valley to live on their own, how many of them would be anarchists? Would they help each other survive and live without any formal government? Would they correct the small number of "bad" people among their group without big courts and big government? Now, compare this group with a similar group living under a government.

In the long run, which group is healthier and happier? Do the "laws" of the first group work to its advantage better than the governmental laws work to the advantage of the second group?

Don't get me wrong. The first group, in the fertile valley, will automatically form a simple government. It may not have any formality whatsoever. It will work naturally, so that they can help and protect each other. A form of big government is not needed.

Since big government goes way beyond helping the community... goes way beyond necessity... and often goes way beyond its own dictates or order or organizational pattern, where do we see anarchy forming? It isn't in the people without formal government. It is in the BIG GOVERNMENT itself.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Put my name on the list. The state is a piece of shit and criminal.


Comment by James Eldridge
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Westminster. For a minute there I thought you were talking about Westminster, California. But, even though this is talking about Westminster in England, that is coming here to the U.S. President O wants to make a citizen police state where people will inform on others that those people feel are on the wrong side of the states program. Like I have said before, my name in already on a list along with my IP, so no one has to say anything about me. I already have done that myself.