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This Week: Appeals Court to Weigh NSA Dragnet Surveillance

Whether the federal government and the nation’s telecommunication companies can be held accountable for allegedly funneling every American’s electronic communication to the National Security Agency without warrants is the subject of oral arguments scheduled for a federal appeals court Wednesday.

At issue is a Jan. 31, 2006 lawsuit, and others that followed, alleging violations of the Fourth Amendment right to be free from warrantless searches and seizures. The cases, about three dozen which will be consolidated into two oral arguments, have been thrown out of court on a variety of grounds, chiefly the government’s claim that the lawsuits would expose state secrets, and a 2008 law that immunized the nation’s telcos from such lawsuits.


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Comment by David Jackson
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    Can anyone say,"national security"?

     I amazed that anyone even noticed. Why is the Constitution suddenly so important? Nobody has much given a damn for the last 30 years.

     The government monitors (snoops) every we communicatioon. It taps without warrants. And, it spies on anyone it wants, with near impunity.

      Such is a police state. Such is dictatorship and autocracy. Such is the antithesis of freedom and a representative republic.

      In the U.S. you get it both ways: What you pay for. What you vote for. (Keep an eye out; the voting is likely to go away in the near future. 

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