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Don’t Drug my Child or I’ll Shoot!

Detroit mother Maryanne Godbaldo is cleared of criminal charges related to her effort to prevent Child Services from physically taking her child from her

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Comment by David Jackson
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   She should have never had to do anything!

   Before I finish, I must tell you that what I'm about to say isn't widely accepted; in fat, I haven't found a single individual  or criminal justice professor or professional who agrees with it: Every time a person is falsely arrested, the system has failed! Every time a person is arraigned and bound over for trial, then tried and found "not guilty", THE SYSTE|M HAS FAILED, miserably! If the system - I fully accept that every "system" is only as good as the people who run it - has allowed a person to be arrested, booked, jailed, bailed, arraigned, charges, tried, and likely "ruined" financially and personally, then it is bogus and tyrannical to the core! That's all I have to say.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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"Child Services" people are some very,very strange people indeed.Send one to my house to take my child,or,my lawn mower,and they never have to worry again,about anything except where they end up.


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