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World powers, new Libyan leaders meet to map out reconstruction

• Reuters
Leaders of the Libyan uprising that overthrew Muammar Gaddafi sit down with world powers on Thursday to map out the country's rebuilding, 42 years to the day after the former strongman seized power in a coup. French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron, whose gamble to spearhead the West's intervention in Libya paid off this week

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Comment by David Jackson
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    So, he asked, "What's new?"

    Gaddafi mostly suffered from the same mental defect as most dictators: He thought a little too much of himself, and took himself seriously, without  paying attention to who and what he offending. His first mistake was to not join the Intermnational Monetary Fund. Secondly, he got on the "wrong side of history", by backing the "wrong" gang of thugs and terrorists. Although he had a trump card in his hold on a rather small percentage of the world's oil, he didn't play his hand wisely. Now he's barred from the "Big Casino".

   As for killing pople, that's what governments have and will do, for all of whatever time is left to so-called humanity, before the sun supernovas.

   The spoils will be split amongst the "favored nations", and the new regime will slaughter people. as a matter of course. (It's almost as though we were still marauding each other for access to the remains of the last mastadon to be killed. We are not much beyond the primordial slime that spawned us. Our keepers aren't even that developed!)

Comment by James Eldridge
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At least here I can come and make a comment that is not concidered by good ol' boys to be me wearing a tin hat. Outside of my own home I have to keep my mouth shut, there are those that give me the devils eye when I tell them the truth about what is really going on with Libya.

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