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What 9/11 Wrought: The Bush Legacy - by Patrick J. Buchanan

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Of George W. Bush, it will be said that, after 9/11, he led his country on a utopian crusade for democracy in the Muslim world -- and all but ignored the rise of a rival with a potential that Stalin never had to surpass and eclipse the United States as first power on earth.
Ten years after, what has 9/11 wrought?

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Comment by James Eldridge
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How could this guy Buchanan say that only 100,000 Iraqi's died in all of those years of U.S. military invasion. I see other sources putting the dead at over 1,500,000. That is only counting the dead that were known to have died by the hands of US military service men. The same service men that have come back to the United States and reside among the rest of the American people. They know the murders they committed and for that reason they are having that PTSD and many are committing suicide. That 1,500,000 does not include those that are still dying from starvation, lack of medical care, depleted uranium, and homelessness. Again other reports put the death toll well over 5,000,000. Something will happen here on US soil, but I will not believe that it is someone out of one of these countries coming into the US to do us the harm we deserve. It will be another psy-ops from our own government to bring about more of the losses we have already seen these past 10 years. How can I say that? One big reason is that 'they' (those out to control the entire world) still do not have the American people under their belt where they want them. Or to put it another way. We are not yet on our knees begging them to rule over us and begging that they do not kill our children. What an un-Godly nation deserves will soon come upon it. We are not the only nation that is going to see the SHTF. UK/France/Germany/Israel to name a few. All those that would not stand against the tyranny of these nations destroying an innocent nation will be seeing themselves destroyed. What goes around, comes around. Face it America. Your time is at hand.