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Most of 9/11 Commission Report Still Classified


Ten years after the al Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington, most of the 9/11 Commission’s findings have not been released to the public, despite the fact that the National Archives were scheduled to release the full material in 2009.

Only a third of the unreleased material has been reviewed to possibly be made public, and much of that has been withheld or heavily redacted. Several former commission staff members said there is no comprehensive effort to make the remaining material public, and they fear much of it will remain sealed indefinitely.

The findings of the Commission are important public information, the release of which the entire Commission is on the record as endorsing. Philip Zelikow, the commission’s staff director, said it “could be declassified in full without any harm to national security” and that includes his 7,000-word summary he helped prepare of daily presidential intelligence briefings from 1998 through the attack.