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Arrest at Ground Zero Proves Free Speech is Dead

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A disturbing video from the 10th anniversary of 9/11 shows a man being arrested for simply speaking out on the streets of New York City. Not speaking inside the tightly controlled pit where only those with media credentials were permitted for the event, but in the neighboring blocks of downtown Manhattan on public streets.

While some in the crowd tried to hush the man who was speaking loudly, but calmly, “When will we be allowed to know the truth about 9/11?,” a “rookie cop” decided to arrest him instead. Apparently he determined that free speech protected under the 1st amendment didn’t apply and that a ‘public disturbance’ had taken place. However, police merely held back an angry man shouting in his face ‘You’re not f***** welcome’ who was far more disruptive, while isolating and cuffing the outspoken truther.

Clearly, free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech, not just statements that the crowd approves of.


We Are Change founder and perennial activist Luke Rudkowski discussed his outrage at the incident today during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show, illustrating the larger blackout on messages contrary to the official story during the anniversary events. Bag searches took place while several blocks were barricaded to public. Rudkowski further reported that those wearing 9/11 truth shirts were turned away from the ground zero area and groups of first responders, who’d planned to demonstrate, were not allowed to gather together. Whatever your position on 9/11, this is just wrong.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Used to be that the police were the hands and fingers of the long arm of the law. Now they are the hands of Big Government.

Chaos among the people doesn't help Big Government - or the people pulling the BG strings - to rape and pillage the populace. Chaos only harms everyone. And it slows down the rape and pillage processes.

If there had been no 9/11 rape and pillage process done by Government, there would have been no problem with someone screaming that the Government did it. The activities of the police that saved this guy from an angry mob, saved him because Big Government wants peace so that they can continue to rape and pillage the populace systematically. This is the peace that BG wants.

If you and I happen to NOT be in the BG line of fire, BG peace can seem very beneficial. And it will remain seeming so, until BG directs its fire at us.

Big Government is closing in on everyone these days. Its hands - the police - are often extending the rape and pillage right along with the peace that happens to be an incidental result of the rape and pillage at times.

Most of us want peace. But as long as we have a Big Government that is out to rape and pillage anyone who gets in their line of fire, we can never be assured of that peace, even though we have it for a little while. Isn't it time to turn Big Government into little government so that we have better peace?

Comment by Anonymous
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Although the bite might be a little bit itchy, I hope insects do not bother intellectual giants like you. JV 

No, not at all, JV. Neither can they infect me with intellectual flu. My cerebral immunity is inborn.

Comment by Anonymous
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A word of thanks …


Ed Martin, JV and PureTrust – thanks for noticing what and who is making a big difference. Ad hominem does not make a tiny man any bigger than a midge. But I am indeed, humbled by your “keen” observation.  Again, I thank you. Bakadude


Comment by Anonymous
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    Bakadude, your commentaries “A smart comment from Cloud 9”, “ Don’t get arrested …Know where you are before you shove your inside job theory…” and “Arrest at Ground Zero Proves Free Speech is Dead”  below are truly brilliant! You are the only scholar I noticed in this part of FreedomPhoenix.com that’s so interesting to read. I enjoyed every bit of your wit and I have followed with keen interest every philosophical wisdom you print on this Freedom Forum page. To say the least, you are indubitably incomparable!

      An unschooled agitator who calls himself Larken Rose attempts to go on top of you. In the eyes of what you called “truthers”, he might have succeeded, but readers like me only see him as a tiny gnat on top of an elephant!


      Although the bite might be a little bit itchy, I hope insects do not bother intellectual giants like you.


Comment by Ed Martin
Entered on:

 @ bakadude, Thanks for the fine examples of a "punch at the man in the Moon".

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

 A "smart" comment from Cloud 9

This comment attempts to sound "smart" but achieved the opposite. My position was "…we need police to be more vigilant to protect our First Amendment rights from those who would use them to incite violence and create riots that hurt and kill people, and destroy properties ..." in the name of free speech.

The opposing comment or contra intervention: "That would be violent governments that provide services at the barrel of a gun." No, not at all if it is directed to violent and potentially violent criminals or law violators.

Do you expect the Government to throw them flowers? We don’t have a flower Government. We created a Government that fights and protects us from evildoers – law violators and criminals.

If you think that law violators and criminals are NOT the enemy but the Government is the enemy, you are then better of in a COUNTRY THAT HAS NO GOVERNMENT.

I have said many times to this violent anti-State anarchist Larken Rose -- and his kind who preach violence against the Government and foolishly hope to defeat the U.S. Government so that the United States would become a nation WITHOUT a Government -- that they cannot find any country in the world that has no Government. The country that has no Government exists only in Cloud 9.

And that’s where they are now. You have this freedom to live anywhere you want. You are therefore at liberty to join them in Cloud 9. It is hard to live in a county like the United States of America that you condemn in your mind that to live here is worse than Hell. Your privileges and comfort you enjoy here are contradictory to the discomfort you suffer when you truly believe that every day of your life you are face-to-face with a Government that’s your real enemy while wrongdoers and criminals are not your enemy.

Let me tell you as a friendly advice … People with a mind like that are really fit to live in Cloud 9.

Comment by Anonymous
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Don’t get arrested …Know where you are before you shove your inside job theory --

On top of his voice, this ungrateful "kook" …a so-called "truther" that strayed in Ground Zero, shouted to the "mourning" crowd solemnly observing 911 Memorial Day, that thousands of Americans were murdered by the Government on the very spot where he was standing. The incensed crowd was about to lynch this man when cops "arrested" him. Was this guy grateful to the cops for saving his life? Nahhh… He continued to attack the Government and abused the cops as well that saved him! Nice guys, some "truthers" are that mimic some inside job conspiracy theories coming from the country’s intellectual everglade.

Apparently the man did not know what he was doing or where he was – at a wrong time, in a wrong place.

With the lynching crowd reaching for his throat, he would have been a dead cucumber if not by strangulation either by stoning or rock head-bashing – oh, what a bloody mess that would have been -- had the angry crowd got him first before the cops did.

Those who are doing what this "kook" of a "truther" did -- not on Ground Zero where insult and abuse of the 911 dead Americans and the dead heroic rescuers took place -- but right here at FP.com and other freedom websites, are extremely lucky the angry crowd cannot stone, strangle or head-bash them. But we have a clear idea what’s going to happen to them if they forced their belief on the people that 911 was a crime committed by the United States Government. Whether it is true or not is beside the point.

You see, you can marvel and admire your own "idea" about anything like how you admire yourself in front of the mirror, but you cannot shove your "idea" down the throat and into the stomach of other people who disagree. Calling them names, is beside the point … aside from the fact that it doesn’t work … it is just like throwing a punch at the man in the Moon.

No … when you do what the man on Ground Zero did, the flak that you get and the ax that falls on your head, are NOT compliments of the Government – these come from the people who have a mind of their own, and think differently than you do.

Nothing personal at all … just a friendly advice from me, to those ad hominem "truthers" [that’s how they proudly call themselves], situated opposite to where I stand.

Comment by Anonymous
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Amazing how Iran Contra turns into "Iran Contro" on my comment with the press of a button.  

Comment by Anonymous
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While 99% of Americans do not realize this, otherwise we would be in a civil war:  Our constitutional rights are suspended during declaration of war, therefore, your constitutional rights ARE SUSPENDED.  Until Americans figure that fact out, which the Corporation called the United States of America DOES NOT WANT US TO FIGURE OUT...  We will continue to be chasing our tails in delusion.  

Comment by Steve B.
Entered on:

"Viewing this matter in a bigger scenario, we need police to be more vigilant to protect our First Amendment rights from those who would use them to incite violence and create riots that hurt and kill people, and destroy properties."

That would be violent governments that provide services at the barrel of a gun. Even that's not enough for some governments that go on to wage wars of aggression based on lies and propaganda. Killing and maiming millions of innocent people.

"you cannot complain why cops treat you like a leper and quarantine you in jail. By all means, I will see to it that they do."

Perhaps you could file charges against the guy and see if you can win in court, rather than advocate government/mafia agents/thugs kidnapping people. 

The official government conspiracy theory is a cover up of what truly happened on 9/11. And the main-stream media is complicit in the cover up.


Comment by Anonymous
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(link will not paste)

 Our constitutional rights under a time of war, whether on drugs (to control the Iran Contro drug climate and control its witnesses to it and profit from the prison industrial complex), terror or in Afganistan (to steal their opium for private druglords that own and run our government with drug money and a little help from "friend" CIA), our constitutional rights are SUSPENDED.  The Zionist criminal elites do not want us to know this, as it would likely cause another civil war to take our country, its people and our freedoms back.  This is why guns are being seized at such a high rate.  The constitution does not apply.




Comment by Anonymous
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 "Arrest at Ground Zero Proves Free Speech is Dead". I don’t think so. Think a little bit deeper. It looks like the "arrest" proves that no "kooks" can make a monkey business out of free speech anywhere or anytime they want, and get away with it! The problem is, it is hard for saber-rattling paper r3volutionaries and rowdy ax-throwing leftists to understand what free speech really means … result -- they become gluttons for punishment [police arrest is just one of them].

Viewing this matter in a bigger scenario, we need police to be more vigilant to protect our First Amendment rights from those who would use them to incite violence and create riots that hurt and kill people, and destroy properties.

In this incident, this "truther" was off his rocker shouting on top of his voice while the crowd was observing a quiet memorial day remembering the dead of 911. People were in a state of "mourning" in Ground Zero and here comes this "brave" intruder who was screaming to the crowd that their love ones were "murdered" on this spot by the Government! He wanted the crowd to know the "truth" behind 911. Whose "truth", his? The "truth" what he thinks it is?

Anyway, it was a wrong time …in a wrong place!

You see, the right to prove that 911 was an inside job is your own business. But if you intrude into my right to respect the memory of my dead parents, my wife, my children, my relatives and friends who died in this 911 carnage, and disrespect my reverence to this country that was attacked by terrorists, as I observed this 911 Memorial Day, you cannot complain why cops treat you like a leper and quarantine you in jail. By all means, I will see to it that they do.

And here’s what happened in this commotion in Ground Zero: The police took hold of this delirious peace-breaking suspect and booked him for disturbing the peace [stirring up the hurt emotion of the crowd to hate and take action against the Government].

By the way, the man was not actually "arrested" – the police just saved him from the lynching crowd! And no thanks to the police -- just a stab behind the back as a gesture of gratitude. Think about it.

And how haters of Government look at this incident with a murderous squinting eye, and what volcanic lava are they spewing out of their mouth? Oh, boy! You tell me!


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