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Arab Spring Ending in Anglo-American Whimper


Tony Cartalucci
Sept 16, 2011

Libya’s leader Muammar Qaddafi has managed to survive and put up fierce resistance for now half a year against NATO aggression and their Al Qaeda led rebel forces on the ground. Tripoli is still unsecured, and entire cities still stand firmly in defiance against constant NATO bombing and multiple attempts by “thousands” of rebels to surround and starve out cities. Libyans have also now fended off several full fledged assaults by an increasingly disorganized rebel army on the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid.

The cracks are beginning to show in NATO’s proxy army, the so-called Libyan rebels hailing from Libya’s eastern Cyrenaica region, notorious as the most concentrated recruiting ground for international terrorism on earth and the home of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed as a foreign terrorist organization by both the US State Department and the UK Home Office. In recent weeks, it has become impossible for the corporate media and NATO to hide the fact that the rebels are being led by LIFG commanders. It is also increasingly impossible to hide these terrorists’ atrocities as they literally exile or exterminate entire cities. The London Telegraph has finally admitted in short that the rebels are in fact genocidal racists. In the Telegraph’s article “Gaddafi’s ghost town after the loyalists retreat,” it is reported that rebels have taken the city of Tawarga, where the entire civilian population was either killed, rounded up, or exiled, all motivated by a “racist undercurrent.”


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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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kI am awaiting stories from the BBC and other news organizations. Also a story on how the Jews have taken over aljazeera. At least I assume that they have, since otherwise they would be reporting on the evil western invasion of the angelic peace loving Gadaffi instead of doing man in the street interviews or interviews with Israeli spy families: 

Oh... and in bringing news from everywhere, how about some stuff from white power sites? or, since you do articles from objective russia today, why not from Zimbawe, or the official and objective news from the Chineese Government?