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Ron Paul says he'd consider putting Dennis Kucinich in his Cabinet


Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) says he would consider putting the liberal congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) in his Cabinet if he were to win the presidency in 2012.   

Paul said his libertarian political philosophy helps him connect with some on the far left — including Kucinich, who shares Paul’s general anti-war stance.
Paul joked that if he brought the Ohio congressman aboard in his administration, he might have to create a "Department of Peace."

"You've got to give credit to people who think," he said.

"Being pragmatic is about forming coalitions," Paul said at a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor. "I probably work with coalitions better than the other candidates. I don't think I've said anything negative here about the president."


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Comment by Anonymous
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Yes, but hallucination of reality is NOT reality. Do you really believe Ron Paul can become president much less a GOP nominated candidate for president? If you do, the joke is on you. And I am not amused. My intelligence -- and the public's intelligence -- is rather insulted.

Comment by Matt Schnackenberg
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As a libertarian, I dont see the issue with having people on both sides of the aisle to fill staff as long as they have sense of intelligence like Paul and will stand for his policies in each area.

Comment by Anonymous
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 When the crow turns white?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Sec. of War?