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Occupy Wall Street: Strike The Root! Video Contest


There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. – Henry David Thoreau

operation strike the root at occupy wall street Occupy Wall Street: Strike The Root!
Striking the root is a concept advocated by abolitionist, individualist anarchist and trancendetalist Henry David Thoreau. He believed that striking the cause (the “root”) was preferable to hacking at the effects (the “branches”).

The effects of corporatism and subsequent gaps in wealth that exist between the haves and have nots are obvious. Those active with Occupy Wall know this better than most. However, to not recognize that these are only things that stem from a root cause is to unfortunately miss the matter.

What is that root? It is the state, that group of individuals who claim a monopoly on the use of “legitimate” violence within a geographic location. Is it not the state that “permits” corporate class plunder? One must focus on the state and not just its allied corporate class. describes Occupy Wall Street as a:

leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

Occupy Wall Street: Strike The Root! aims to speak to these people. They are already disillusioned with the Statist Quo. They know things are messed-up. But many (- not all!) focus their attention on berating corporations and banks. Do people operating corporations and banks do fucked up shit? Yes. But that’s only due to the existence of the great fiction of the State. It’s just classic rent-seeking.

Can YOU make a video that communicates the ideas of
complete liberty to those at the Occupy Wall Street protests? Do it!
If you’re following the Occupy Wall Street developments you understand the protest and its potential. You know that almost without exception those on the ground are driven by noble intentions, to live in a freer, more prosperous world. Through video, communicate to them how that is best achieved.


The names of sponsors (listed below) must be included in the video for a minimum of ten seconds (all the organizational names can be put on the same screen) Save for YouTube’s 15min-max, there are no other constraints, so be creative!


Best video – 2/3 the total raised for the Occupy Wall Street: Strike The Root! video contest Runner-up video – 1/3 the total raised for the Occupy Wall Street: Strike The Root! video contest


Pete Eyre of Cop Block & Liberty On Tour judge list will be expanded shortly

deadline 300x102 Occupy Wall Street: Strike The Root!Deadline:

11:55PM EST on Sunday, Oct. 16th Post your video on your own outlet & email us a link with “Occupy Wall Street: Strike The Root” in the subject line Questions? We’re here: OperationStrikeTheRoot [at] (replace the “[at]” with “@”)



Each of the sponsors below have already contributed $100 toward the Occupy Wall Street: Strike The Root! video contest (CopBlock & LibertyOnTour donated $100 together) If YOU think this is a worthwhile investment, a good bang-for-your-buck, please considering donating as well. All funds will go to the winners. Think of this as an X Prize or crowdsourcing at its finest – we’re a community after all! 

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