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TSA Pats Down Breast Cancer Survivor Even After Getting Scanned

• Gizmodo
Lori Dorn, the wife of Laughing Squid's Scott Beale, recently submitted to a backscatter scan at JFK airport. The TSA pulled her aside for a breast patdown, even though she stated she had breast implants in place after her bilateral mastectomy. Of course, that didn't stop them.

They didn't even let her take out the Device Identification Card that would could have explained where the implants came from and their medical purpose. No. Instead they humiliated her in public:


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Comment by David Jackson
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      This is "government as usual", folks. What's worse than a misfit, affirmative-hire pervert with a government job? There's probably a joke there, but I doubt it would be very funny.

      I've been a champion of "privatization" of law enforcement most of my adult life. However, the TSA is an example of how not to do it!!!!!! Where the hell is the supervision and accountability???? This crap is a sick(ening) joke, and ought to be the last straw for anyone with an I.Q. over room temperature. It's time top shut it down, forever. (I don't understand why anyone would enter an airport for any reason. let the whole damn system die of its own self-interested disinterest. I'd think that being abused would be a more personal matter and not a willing victimization, with government sanction...Not to mention the high-dollar expense. Hell, find a good looking "escort" or other real "working girl/guy", if you're looking for cheap(er) thrills. At least you can expect a happy ending. I'll mention, again, that there are still trains, buses, charter flights, rental cars, and even private pilot's licenses. The airlines have been full of s--- for nearly 40 years. Why even (over)pay to be treated as though you are a criminal or herd animal?)

     This is, as I mentioned, what you get when you have no choice in elected officials who actually believe in a "rule of law" that some call the Constitution. Or, who are so mentally impotent as to allow such violations:  Remember that we are all little more than renewable resources who are expendable, and not much more than "voting tax machines". We are and have been for decades nothing but "useless eaters" and the primary source of income and power-mongering for "our" selected leaders. If you feel as though you aren't being treated with decency and respect, at least, you are still paying attention. I'm telling you this, again, because the human brain works best on repetitive framing: there are more of us than there are of them; we don't have to vote for ANY of them; they aren't, on their best day, as valuable to our country and the world as any one of us is on our worst day; and, finally, they are parasites of the first order!

     Why not just quit encouraging them to play their silly and dangerous games, at the expense of all of us? Suck it up, folks!