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Iran Contra Redux: Have the Drug Cartels Staked Out Your Town Yet?

How the Game Has Changed On the Mexican Border

By Mike Harris


As if things could not get any stranger or more dangerous on the once quiet and peaceful Mexican Border. It was not that long ago when the border was a quiet peaceful frontier; that is no longer the situation.

On September 16th 2011 two Department of Public Safety Patrol Officers were ambushed on Interstate 8 between mile markers 143-148, the ambush was carried out by no less that 5 assailants, one suspect was captured and an AK-47 and a pistol was recovered. Interstate 8 is the primary pick up corridor for both drugs and illegal aliens that enter the USA illegally over the porous Arizona-Mexico border.

This escalates the cartel activity to a whole new level. I have been told by a reliable source that Arizona Law Enforcement Officers are under a direct violent threat to themselves and their families. Law enforcement personnel are constantly approached by the cartels with bribes and now death threats. The choice is take the money and become rich by helping us, or we will assassinate you and murder your entire family.

Recently three Deputies in Maricopa County have been indicted for corruption and cooperating with the cartels, all three were Hispanic. The Hispanic/Mexican officers have the greatest exposure and vulnerability, due to the nature of their extended families and their deep roots within the Hispanic/Mexican community. They are subject to the greatest coercion and leverage by the cartels.

We have the corrupt BATF, providing military grade weapons to the cartels, and not all the cartels have this advantage, the main beneficiaries are the Zeta’s and the Sinaloa Cartels. The Cartels who had members trained at the School of the America’s run out of Fort Benning Georgia, by implication the cartels that have connections to the Bush and Clinton crime families. (See my previous articles of August 17 and 20 2011, about how the Iran-Contra drug smuggling operations in El Salvador are alive and well and being implemented in Mexico).