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The Ron Paul Revolution Past 2012


Times of great crisis in history are usually the crucible from which nations form new leaders and new visions. Such leaders seem to suddenly appear, often out of nowhere, to alter the national path pursued, to cleanse the old ways and stake out a saner, more just means of living and governing.

Is it God, destiny, fate that are somehow at work to bring about a saving metamorphosis in which some visionary soul rises to the occasion to stir the passions of the people and bring about a righting of the ship? Whatever the force may be, our country is in dire need of its power today.

If such a force is at work in history, I pray that it is exerting some heady pressure upon the one politician in Washington who has never been a politician – Congressman Ron Paul. who has always been a throwback to the original "citizen statesman" promoted by the Founders as the ideal type of leader for the republic they had formed.
It is said that the Founders modeled their "citizen statesman" after the example of Cincinnatus of Rome. 

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