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Video: Obama punches a Wall Street banker in face and his ratings soar!

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To counter low poll numbers, President Obama punches a Wall Street banker in the face for no apparent reason! Ahead of the 2012 presidential election, President Obama will do whatever it takes to rebuild his base and try to attract the independents into his corner. Everything includes taking the problem of the greedy millionaires and billionaires of Wall Street into his own hands!

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Comment by James Eldridge
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Should have been the other way around. Obama getting punched. Notice that he punches the guy with his left hand and with the other hand he is making the sign of the devil. If people knew about that sign they would not be putting him in office for a second time. He already has done that and there are pictures of him doing so. Look here at all of the people that do that sign. Seeing all these people doing it shows that we are in a spiritual battle, not just one of flesh and blood. -
Comment by Dan Bu
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the video player says the onion?