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Ron Paul's plan being announced Monday. Cutting $1 trillion. Cutting his pay to $39,000


Ron Paul is coming out with his detailed plan on Monday. Will be specific on what he will cut.

Ron Paul’s detailed agenda for America will be disclosed next week and a senior official with his campaign tells The Brody File that it includes eliminating five governmental departments, cutting one trillion dollars in spending and Dr. Paul would take a presidential salary of just $39, 336, which is the median salary of the American worker (The President’s base salary is normally $400,000).


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Comment by Ed Price
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The key word here is "multi-trillionaires."

If we default on our loan payments, they just might hire the Chinese, the Russians, and even our own military to take out the U.S. Government. Consider. How much money would it take to make you or me or Ernie into a "friend" of Big Pharma, Big Government, Bilderberg, and the one-world order? Where would temptation overcome our sense of honor and what is right?

Now, they don't want to do it if they don't have to. Because they just might lose a lot of power and control that they have now. It would set their schedule back who knows how many years or decades. But they just might do it if they feel that they must.

After all, why did Congress recess so that only 3 members of Congress could vote the Federal Reserve into existence in the first place? And when Congress reconvened, why did they not immediately repeal the Fed? Ever hear of elephant guns and assassination?

Comment by James Eldridge
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So, who the hell is the Federal Reserve in the first place that this nation should (owe) them payment for printing the money this nation uses for its commerce? There have been many books, studies and lectures done by reliable people about the corruption of the Feds from the beginning of their existence that no nation should be held accountable for their criminal actions. Everyone knows that these people that run the Fed are just as human as the rest of the people on the planet, and if these multi-trillionaires should call for any nation to continue its people to be in so-called debt to them, then it is far past time that these people should be taken out and shot/hanged/beheaded. Take your choice. Now that I have said that, there is a problem with getting that done. Those same people are in all of the governments of the world and dictate to those figures that the people do elect to office to do their bidding. Look at the fool in the White House right now. Do you think for one minute that that devil comes up with all of these damned ideals on his own? No, he does not! Not enough brains in that skull of his to come up with how to wipe his own ass. Every idea that comes out of his mouth is printed out for him to read off of that TelePrompTer. Someone had to write it for him. Like I said, not enough brains in his skull to wipe his own ass. Someone is in the government unelected that dances him on those strings. I don't know who they are, but enough other people do know and should be getting those people exposed that are the real ones that are taking this nation down. Doing so may cause rough times for everyone, but it has to be done if this nation is to survive and the same for every nation on this planet. Letting things continue as they are will only make things worse by keeping those same unelected devils in public offices dictating to our real elected leaders. Expose Wall Street. Expose the lies that have gotten us into false wars. Expose the liars called the Federal Reserve and those Trillionaires saying, 'We owe them a debt'. But most of all, expose those devils people that are the hidden government within our own government and get them out of the government's of the world, and then we can all get on with living like the Lord God intended for us. And don't forget about doing away with the UN!

Comment by Ed Price
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This is refreshing. But, there will be several interesting "conflicts" that could come about from it.

The main one is that Government spending is at least part of the excuse that Government uses to be able to borrow more money from the Federal Reserve Bank. So, why does Gov't need to borrow more? They need it to pay down the interest on previous loans from the Fed. They need it because, the way the money system is set up, the only money that there is comes from the Fed in the first place.

After Gov't repays past loans, they need to get money from somewhere to pay the interest on those past loans. The only place they can get the money is from the Fed. The only way they can get it is to borrow it. This is the way it is set up. The idea of increased spending makes it look like Gov't has a legitimate reason to borrow the money.

Now, if we have spending cuts put into place, what reason will Government have to borrow more money from the Fed (again, the only place and method they have to get the money) so they can pay the interest on past loans?

If such a large spending cut ever goes into effect, it ought to be very interesting to see just exactly what the Federal Reserve Bank will do (how it will enforce interest collections on the U.S. Government) if it doesn't get its interest payments!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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It's a small start.

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