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Citigroup to Pay US Millions to Protect Them From Billion Dollar Fraud Complaint

• NY Times
As the housing market began its collapse, Wall Street firms and sophisticated investors searched for ways to profit. Some of them found an easy method: Stuff a portfolio with risky mortgage-related investments, sell it to unsuspecting customers and bet against it. 

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Comment by Anonymous
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These so-called foreigners are probably fraudulant fronts to allow the average BANKSTER to continue HOARDING our real properties.  Think about it.  They have local people, even allegedly who attend the Freedoms Phoenix Breakfast club that have facilitated this very process using local alias names!  And each participant supposedly gets about $10,000 for each house that they are willing to put their names on from what I have learned from a Detroit Michigan source.  This man admitted this to me, seeing what I was uncovering (my ex-husband one of these Iran Contra/Contras drug money laundering through real estate fraud lawyers in secret, thus my life a mess today for having seen things I didn't know I was witnessing).  Americans have been getting scared, and extorted into more racketeering and harassment, government sponsored, and this is how, predicted in the bible that all of us are getting pit against one another in fear...  A get them before they get you society...  Unfortunately.   

Kennedy died while identifying this phenomenon to the American people.  Also, it was made known to me that this $$ laundering phenomenon was a huge part of the Phillips & Associates law firm's agendas.  I had a lawyer point out to me that none of them had their homes in their own names and that they are the mafia.  Researching further, their CPA was a JAG lawyer Army ranger who got into my life through AOL and I got to see a lot up close of what is going on and later learned upon further research that high military men are recruited into these operations as a part of the shadow government.  The shadow government of the Elite ZIONIST, where a lot of these forums are being paid by these scumbags to spread disinformation and keep you at bay.

Comment by Linda Venturella
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 Thought you might be interested to know that CNBC's Diana Olick from Realty Trac reported today that the foreigners are buying up fraudclosures and renting our stolen property back to the American people....The anchor. Ms. Olick and their guests were discussing how the foreigners are using the purchase of our stolen homes as a visa to get into our country....The taxpayers funded the building of our homes, the banks never lent us any money...We lent taxpayer money and credit to them.THE NOTES WE SIGNED AT THE CLOSING WERE A CHECK, TO THEM, the pretender lenders......they cashed them at the Treasury, they generated a bond and a treasury and a deed for us... and then they resold those cashed notes over and over again and created exotic mortgage derivatives off of our fraudulently induced mortgage payments and made hundreds of trillions off the overleveraging...140 trillion in collateral mortgage fraud..backed by ZERO COLLATERAL...THERE IS ONLY 8 TRILLION IN REAL ESTATE IN THE US. TOTAL AT THE CURRENT MARKET PRICE...this is.their debt, not they are stealing our homes for debts they owe and cannot possibly ever repay...they have created up to ten mortgages on every piece of property in America...their debt is amount of loan mods or refis or fraudclosures are going to save these crooks...These NWO criminals are stealing America under the guise of debt owed....their debt...not ours..I dont know if you are familiar with the website they explain alot about what these crooks did and are doing..So does the documentary House Of Cards from CNBC which aired just last night.....  is another excellent source for info as well as the oscar winning documentary Inside Job and the documentary Plunder: The Crime of Our Time which aired on RT news a month ago and can now be seen on you tube....I just want to get the word out, these fraudclosures are being done under the radar..there have already been 20 million fraudclosures and there are 20 million more waiting in the wings....all because of massive collateral debt fraud by wall street....90% of americans do not even know that these banks are coming to court with phony fraudulent docs to steal peoples homes...they do not own...THEY DESTROYED THE NOTES TO COVER UP FOR MULTIPLE PLEDGING OF NOTES..THEY ARE COMING TO COURT WITH FAKE NOTES...THAT THEY ARE LASER PRINTING SIGNATURES ON TO...THEY ARE BRINGING WET INK NOTES IN COURT AND THE JUDGES ARE TAKING THEM...!!!  THESE ARE FEDERAL CRIMES BEING COMMITTED IN CIVIL COURTS!!!..THE MBA ALREADY ADMITTED TO THE DESTRUCTION OF NOTES.. AND FANNIE MAE ALREADY ADMITTED TO MULTIPLE PLEDGING MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF NOTES....OUTRIGHT FRAUD AND STILL NO MORATORIUM ON FRAUDCLOSURES!!!.the judges are aiding and abetting the NWO and taking advantage of what people do not know...There are no lawyers who are standing up for the people...they are all cowards....Please help spread the word!!!  The NWO are stealing our country right from under us...!  The U.S. GOVERNMENT are traitors and are aiding and abetting them...  Thanks for your time, Sincerely, Linda Venturella, I am a very concerned citizen...P.S. I am fighting 2 fraudclosures myself, pro se, my home and my commercial property....there is fraud all over my docs... and in the foreclosure...I live in Chicago and there are no attorneys, In Illinois there are no State AG's, no States Attorneys and no FBI... fighting for WE THE PEOPLE at all!!!  Just the Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart was able to halt evictions for a while because he found tons of fraud in the fraudclosures...he even went on CNN and talked about it....!!!