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Woman Fights Charge Over Fake Facebook Page

• FOX News
Lawyers for a New Jersey woman say the state's identity theft law doesn't apply to allegations that she created a fake Facebook profile about her ex-boyfriend.

Dana Thornton, 41, faces up to 18 months in prison if convicted.

Authorities allege the Belleville resident created a Facebook page as if it was written by her former boyfriend, Parsippany police Detective Michael Lasalandra, after they broke up.

The Daily Record reports Thornton's lawyer, Richard Roberts, claims while his client may have violated Facebook rules, there is no law in New Jersey against creating a profile of anyone online.

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Chances are, if the boyfriend hadn't been a gestapo agent, this wouldn't even be an issue. His little feelings are probably hurt, because someone doens't believe his behavior and existence are above reproach. Tough s---!

  She's likely as worthless as he is. If she smeared him - hard to do with a lot of cops, particularly since they usually do it top themselves - she's probably guilty of defamation, assuming she lied. As for the "identity theft", what a joke!

  This is just another example of the self-anointed being upset when the rest of us don't shudder every time they take a breath.