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Why Didn’t We Reform Smallpox Instead of Eradicating It?

• Lew Rockwell
Roger Dow is president of the US Travel Association and seems to be one of the very few who get it: “According to the US Travel Association, the US economy is missing out on $85 billion in consumer spending and 900,000 jobs because American travelers are avoiding flying due to the ‘hassles of air travel’. ’

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Comment by David Jackson
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      I'm impressed. Seems that the public has finally gotten wise to the whole "friendly skies" scam. If they could just see through the thin veil of political (sub)perversion, the world would be a better place.

     Take the bus, train, charter plane...Hell rent a car or stay home. anything is better than being abused by a cabal of political misfits and affirmative hires, who can only find your ass with both hands!