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Ron Paul on MSNBC Morning Joe - 11/3/11: Fed is finally ‘on the defensive’



Article from The Hill (thanks LatinsforPaul):

From Ron Paul's Facebook page:
"I'm scheduled to be on Morning Joe tomorrow on MSNBC around 7:00 AM Eastern."

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Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Oh, by the way, V.T., thanks for all of your comments. I probably wouldn't be prompted to bring up many of the points that I do if someone hadn't prompted me to do it. So thanks.

Comment by Ed Price
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Can you pay for owning a home on a fast-food worker's salary? How about a Wal-Mart, Kmart or Target worker's salary? And if you can, how many years does it take? 30? or 40? or maybe 60? And then you don't have any choice to keep it if Government decides to take it from you through Eminent Domain.

Look at all the national forest and national park land that is locked up by Government. The excuse is to keep some of nature in its natural form. But this is at the expense of the people. The true reason behind it is to keep the people herded into the cities where they are forced to work for the fascist nation that ours has become, just to survive. Remember the various homestead acts that in former years set people free to do their own thing on land that would, later, become their very own. Where is homesteading today? The land is there.

If you own your own land out in the wilds, in almost any county in America, you can't build a home on the land without some kind of county permit. And you can't build against code, even though portions of code are completely ridiculous, even though it is your own property, and even though your building might be a whole lot better than a code built home. If you want to build outside of code, you need to get special permits, and carefully bribe the inspectors.

Pre-Civil War slaves in the South were often treated very good by their masters. This was because the masters depended on the slaves' hard work to make a profit. So what's the difference today? Give the slaves true freedom in some respects. Let them be just free enough so that they barely recognize the slavery that they are in. This way they will be happy, so that they slave for the masters willingly.

Talk about slavery and freedom in America can rage on and on, points being brought up on both sides. Ernie has said that freedom begins between the ears. Well, hopeless slavery lodges there as well. Two points:
1. Benefactor's and masters almost never own slaves for the slaves' own good. They own the slaves to get the slaves to work for them.
2. Unless a person can get up and say good-bye to his slavery, being able to find a free place in a free land, he will never be outside of slavery, no matter how good the master is to him.

The point? No freedom. Only slavery. If you want to take your own life, and you happen to fail, you get arrested and thrown into a mental ward prison. Does Government really want to protect you from your own self? Perhaps a few of the Government people do. But somehow fascist Government gets paid from saving you, or they wouldn't do it, and certainly don't really care.

This is the kind of freedom and the kind of slavery you are in. You are stuck in it. You can't get out. Argue all you want... you are stuck.

Comment by Venancio Tan
Entered on:

Aha, you are smarter than I thought. Yours is short that should either be ignored or responded, but when responded requires a much longer explanation. Okay … I am obliged to respond not only for your benefit but also for the benefit of our reading public.

To begin with, you made your point perfectly clear that to very few Americans who call themselves anti-Government revolutionaries or stateless anarchists, "Anarchy is way more like Freedom" in your own words; and to almost all Americans who disagree and oppose it because the State and the Government are inseparable parts of their American way of life, "Freedom is way more like Liberty than it is like Anarchy …" your own words of wisdom.

Dissecting this dichotomy of deeply hidden ideological contradictions that confused most radical Libertarians using your mental scalpel like a skillful surgeon is what catches my attention after I became a watchful Libertarian of Reason.

It is your fight against "Slavery" in this modern time past this Nation’s Great American Civil War -- totally different from what Lincoln fought for -- which needs further intellectual surgery for the people to understand and get well.

This concept of "Slavery" which you believed is worth fighting for unfortunately made people sick because it came from the theory of violent anarchist named Larken Ross who argued at least in this website where his blood-letting ideas find a home that Americans who went to school to get educated – except himself – are ALL SLAVES of the Government and the State.

This same mind that propagates the idea that in this country to shoot cops dead is freedom because "the only good cop is a dead cop" and who professed a rather out of this world conviction that to go to school to get an education is a form of slavery – obviously needs help.

In my honest opinion this very disturbed anarchist at least needs a lobotomy. In this emergency, your intellectual therapy for recovery is badly needed.

You see, if this is the kind of Slavery you are referring to, it is dichotomous – only half of it at most appears illuminated by the light of your wisdom. You owe this needed succor you can give, to millions of Americans who were alluded to as "Slaves" after they spent their lifetime savings, mortgaged their homes, tied their neck to student loans, etc. to go to school to get educated, only to become "Slaves"!

You are inside a pitch of self-indictment that has no exit. You and Ernie either agree or disagree with Lark Rose’s form of "Slavery". If you disagree, then the disagreement must be shown with contempt instead of support. If you agree, then because both of you had gone to school to get educated, admission that you are "Slaves" as Larken Rose described you to be, must also be shown at least in writing. A hell of an explanation is also owed to millions of school-educated American across the country to make them understand why the reward for their struggle to get an education is "Slavery".

Comment by Ed Price
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Ah! So we have finally gotten down to the crux of the matter. People are scared of their own freedom almost as much as their leaders are afraid of the peoples' freedom.

If everyone would ponder the following, things might straighten out a little. Freedom is way more like Liberty than it is like Anarchy. And Anarchy is way more like Freedom than it is like Slavery.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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PureTrust, Amen to you and Ernie ...

Both of you are Atlas in this website with the world on your shoulders. Although this horrific load is as heavy as mine to help the blind see what real Freedom means in our Democracy, especially to make those less sophisticated Americans understand the meaning of individual liberty as a way of life under a regime of law and order in this modern society where our Great Forebears dictated us to elect those who run the Government they have created, an institution that we cannot live without, I wish you both good luck in your campaign against "slavery" whatever that is, which is totally different from the kind of slavery Lincoln fought against in the Great Civil War.

Be that as it may, I am happy to learn from you that you and Ernie are having some fun. But as a word of advice regarding this story of Atlas with the world on his shoulder, don’t pass this heavy load on to Hercules with an excuse that you need to go to the bathroom and never to return. When later on Atlas came back and said to Hercules that he looks pretty good with the world on his shoulder, Hercules told Atlas to hold first the world right on top of Atlas’ shoulder while Hercules adjusts his position to make him look even better with the world on his back. And this time it was Hercules’ turn never to return, leaving Atlas originally where he was before.

While you are having some fun with this load on your shoulders, and any day you decide to pass it on to someone, you know that I don’t want any Hercules to outsmart both of you even as I wish you luck.


Comment by Ed Price
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Hey, V.T., Ernie is noted as saying on more than one occasion, that if you can't have fun while you are being an activist, it isn't worth it. We're having fun, aren't we?

One major point that is often extremely overlooked, is the fact that it is a tremendously great up-hill battle that Ernie and the libertarians are waging - while they are having fun, of course. The freedom-ideal that started our nation on its course has been so extremely eroded in the eyes of the people that most folks don't even know what real freedom looks like. And when they see it, they respond with thoughts and words that prove Jack Nicholson right in "Easy Rider," when he said that freedom scares them.

True freedom ain't all that scary! In fact, it is wonderful. Slavery is what is scary. So you see, we need to be "hot" in the fight for freedom, and against slavery - because we have a tremendously long way to go to get the people to understand the difference... and the slavery that they are in.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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C’mon, PureTrust … with your undeniable cerebral prowess -- which is one of the reasons why "goofballs" like you and me do not believe that they are wasting their time staying a little bit longer in this website -- I am just keeping it warm at the other end of the line while you are keeping it hot on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I hope that we are not just waking them up – I hope that we have not become their worst nightmare!

Sometimes afraid of winning faster more enemies than dropping off or gaining friends from our respective sides, losing our balls is even more discomforting – I mean literally balls in a figure of speech we dribble in the court of public opinion.

Comment by Ed Price
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Hey, V.T., you are terrific! I, too, hate all that pussyfooting around. I am for direct action, first, foremost and always.

Most of the time the goofballs who play devil's advocate, carefully cover up the fact that they are doing so. Sometimes you can't even tell that they are doing it... at least, not until later, that is.

But you! You are right out in the open about it!

Keep it up, Bud. We'll wake up some of these sleeping sheeple Americans yet!

Comment by Venancio Tan
Entered on:

If you watch your language, maybe you are worth listening to. You are so angry that you cannot argue sensibly except to badmouth or resort to name-calling. There is a need to outgrow this childish tantrum. Start to learn how to discuss or argue the issues brought up here and try to focus on them. Some of those issues against Ron Paul’s absurdities why millions of Americans consider him as an "unelectable" oddball are:

[A] That as an "unelectable" oddball, the Media ignores him as a "nuisance" One irked Republican Governor called him a "Gadfly" … Go back to the reasons or explanations why he is; these are all printed here or published in this website so many times. That’s what those who have something above their shoulders are going to "attack" or prove untrue or false.

[B] That Ron Paul, your "idol" candidate, CAN NEVER be or ever be the GOP candidate for president in 2012 or not even until the crow turns white [Bakadude]. Go back to the reasons or explanations bared in this website so many times why this is so.

There are many more which without a mind’s eye, you are unable to see much more understand. I will give you Sample No. 1 out of the arguments you must rebut or disprove why Ron Paul CAN NEVER become president of the United States even when the crow turns white [Bakadude]: Ron Paul put the blame on this nation for the mass murder of thousands of innocent civilians as a result of that treacherous Al Qaeda 911 attacks …in public debates and interviews he went down on record several times that this infamy was not the fault of or caused by Islam terrorists but by the American people themselves. Now wanting to be president of the United States, he is asking the American people to reward him the presidency for insulting and putting them to shame in the eyes of the world. Is this possible? The American people are not that stupid! As a "weirdo", angry Americans will kick his behind into oblivion… another way of saying that as an annoying Gadfly they would sweep him as a political reject off the beltway, and down the dustbin of history.

Sample No. 2: He wants to change America to something it can never be… the most powerful, the mightiest, the richest and the largest economy in the world into a country WITHOUT a Central Bank, WITHOUT an IRS, WITHOUT income tax, and worse to become the only country in the world WITHOUT a Department of Education, among the other "oddities" he has been babbling about. Is this real, let alone possible? According to Bakadude, not possible even when the crow turns white!

If you are impressed of Ron Paul’s odd belief in life that if you become a doctor of Medicine you end up an "expert" in Economics better than Dr. Bernanke who has a Phs.D. in Economics, you can sleep on your bed soundly, and I will not disturb or debate you on that … sweet dream!

Comment by Terri Scheinuck
Entered on:

 You are so uninformed that you made me laugh.

Ron Paul is not just a Dr.  It is a waste of time to explain just how wrong you are.  He is so much more than jsut a Dr.  Did you know that?  He served in the Military.  I imagine you want another Commander in Choef like Obama who get a peace prize and then invades countries and kills & kills & kills.  Then builds installations in those countries.  Why is he doing that?  Ron Paul can tell you.

Why not read up on DR PAUL.  Do the research and make up your own mind. Wow, a new concept!  Make up your own mind with knowledge learned.

Your choices for President are very few and dropping like flies due to lack of support.  3 million dollars were raised in a few days from the general public and the majority of our MILITARY all support Ron Paul.  What does that tell you?  Your misinformed or delusional, not sure which.

However, you wrote your words and showed the depth of your stupidity.

Go ahead vote (R) or (D) for pete's sake, which one will do one thing differently that what has been done the past 3 decasdes?  Who has made you believe they would like support & listen to the people of the United States? We are in the streets now, did you notice.  Someone's going to hear...many many more someone's are going to listen.  Ron Paul get it, you do not, yet.

You also think unemployment is only 9%, for 6 months, yet, the streets all over the world, are filled with the unemployed wanting jobs,homes, food, water, health care.  More are arriving each day to voice their displeasure at the same ol same ol.  That doesn't work for the majority.  HELLO!  Ron Paul understands.

PPSSST!  Ron Paul tried to tell us about this economic fall, that absolutely was coming.  Are you able to hear or were you too busy counting your millions?  You still think we might have a double dip recession also don't you.  Fool, first one never left those of us joining the ranks of the poor class each day.

Really, stop showing how truly imbicilic you can be.  Research Ron Paul.  I look forward to reading what you have to say when you join us and WAKE UP!  Stop ignoring him, it only intrigues more and more people to read up and learn, whihc is working wonderfully byt the way!  Sorry that reading your stuff is a complete waste of precious time and energy.  You have nothing to offer but same ol same ol.

Ron Paul 2012

Comment by Venancio Tan
Entered on:

In this Reality TV show, the audience is like a bunch of kids being lulled to sleep by listening to a bedtime story.

It is interesting to note what’s revealed in this Video. For instance, Paul insists "this country is bankrupt …" [Laughter] This wealthiest nation on the planet will get "bankrupt" only when the crow turns white! [Bakadude]

While it is true that many Americans are disgruntled about our trillion-dollar-debts, no American in his right mind would buy Paul’s outrageous desire to change America by abolishing the Central Bank [Federal Reserves] and by cutting down our trillion-dollar-debts to Zero. It is not just impossible … these are permanent features that America cannot be without!

In short, an America without a Central Bank, and without debts, is not real … it can never happen … outraged Americans like Ron Paul can bawl their frustrations until hell freezes over, but still it’s not going to happen! There will never be a United States of America without them.

This country incurred huge debts during the time of Revolution against England and won the struggle for our Independence. Without debts, that would not have been possible. Without those huge debts, this nation would never have become the richest and the mightiest nation on the planet that it is today.

From the time of the Revolution the Ron Pauls of that time until now are attacking our huge debts as the cause of the coming implosion from within and after such predicted self-destruction America will disappear from the face of the earth. Well, that never happened, and will never happen today or in the future.

Incur more debts and this nation will grow even richer and stronger than it is today. We have history to prove it. In spite of those ever increasing debts, America is still here and will still be here until hell freezes over!

In the latest voting, candidate Cain was on top of the leader board, with Paul second to the last in the bottom. Paul claimed this makes no difference because he won the straw vote in California but there was no Media coverage. Asked why the Media was ignoring him, he explained that he was attacking the "status quo" and the people love him for doing that and the Media people don’t like it.

Wrong … only a few camera-scripted followers love him for doing that. Nobody in the panel said that he was "unelectable", the only reason why the Media ignores him like a nuisance. The Media is waiting to cover him when his drop out announcement is ready. As of now, an irked Governor described him as a "Gadfly" in the GOP presidential nomination race.

Well, Paul believes in himself. He believes that by studying Medicine, anyone can become "expert" like him, in Economics better than Dr. Bernanke who holds a Ph.D. in Economics!

But to imply that if he is not elected the next president of the United States, "there is no hope for this country" is like listening to a bedtime story. In Reality TV show, this is of course stranger than fiction! Right now, you are probably as entertained as I am.