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Romney Says Only Essential Spending Should Be Exempt From Debt Trimming


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney proposed limiting government spending to only “essential” programs in a debt-reduction plan that would slash $500 billion from the federal budget by 2016, the end of his first term if he is elected next year.

The plan as outlined by the former Massachusetts governor yesterday includes “deep” cuts in an array of programs, such as federal subsidies for public broadcasting and the arts and eliminating funding for Amtrak. He also called for ending foreign aid to countries, including China, “that can take care of themselves” and those “that don’t line up with our interests.”

Foreign aid makes up about 1 percent of the annual federal budget.


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Comment by David Jackson
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      I'm still on about my plan:  Get rid of 50 senators; reduce the House to one representative per state; bring our troops home, and stop wasting our wealth on foreigh infrastructure; quit sending money to our eniemies; start developing our own oil fields, and tell the "greens" to take a break; initiate a flat tax; eleiminate the free-ride of those who operate on the "public airways" at the natin's expense; stop moving our jobs to foreign countries; close all our borders to any form of illegal entry [We'd have the manpower, since our troops would be here defending us.]; quit hiring foreign companies to do anything that we can do; and, give tax breaks to any citizen who wants to start a business and hire someone. There are other options, but I'm not interested in repeating myself. Besides, none of this is going to happen, mostly because it would take honesty and honorable leaders to implement any of it - We don't have such creatures in our midst.

Comment by Rich Ness
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Grab your calculators folks.  each year!  Wow right!  WRONG.  That number is less than 3.7% of our annual bloated budget, and less than the interest on our debt that eats up over 6%.  So far I think Paul has the only serious budget to date.  We need to slash over 1 TRILLION in one year to even make a serious dent in our debt.  We cannot maintain a budget over 3.5 trillion and growing.
Mitt needs to wake the hell up, and get serious.