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CNN reschedules Arizona’s GOP presidential debate to February

(Publisher: Nov. 30th would be too close to the repudiation of Russell Pearce's political message here in Arizona with his Recall Election loss - War Support, Police State, Checkpoints, Spending, Corporate Welfare, Closed Borders etc. There is NOOOOO way that a National Republican Party Debate can be allowed to happen immediately after such a vote.... especially with Ron Paul, and maybe even with former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, in the debate.... and before the Iowa and New Hampshire results???
Can we smell the FEAR of Ron Paul and his supporters?...
Yes We Can! :)


Timing is everything, and for Arizona that may not be a good thing.

CNN today announced that it would reschedule Arizona’s Republican presidential primary debate to Feb. 22, just six days before the state’s presidential preference election. The debate, which will be held at the Mesa Arts Center, was originally scheduled for Nov. 30.