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Forget sexual harassment claims, Herman Cain is too much like Obama

• Christian Science Monitor
I used to ride the Cain train. Now, I’ve stepped off. The reason I’m rethinking my support for GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has little to do with the increased media scrutiny, namely the sexual harassment allegations leveled against him. 

No, the real reason I am rethinking my support for Mr. Cain is very simple: He is too much like President Obama. This is ironic because Cain has very successfully marketed himself as the anti-Obama – the conservative outsider who is ignorant of Washington political shenanigans, the honest straight-talker with common sense solutions and a no-bull approach. Like many others, I initially found this style quite attractive, and I supported Cain for the GOP nomination long before his recent surge in the polls.

But after Cain’s initial charm wore off, I began to look a little deeper, and I found the similarities between Cain and Mr. Obama were disturbing to say the least.

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Comment by David Jackson
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      This guy is something else. Trouble is, it's hard to tell what that something is. There is one thing for certain:  There's a world of difference between unique and weird. (I still find it difficult to believe that this guy can't get a date. With his money, he surely can wrangle a little strange - especially in this culture. Is he too cheap to put a real working girl on the payroll? What a zip!)

      As for his sloganeering, he has no future in rap; so, he ought to give it up.

      Slogans are B.S., anytime. However, they do seem to be effective - likely due to the limited attention span of the average American (voter). The use of prepositions and conjuctions is a lot like the use of facts, in politics: it only confuses and befuddles.

      As for experience, when and why would such a characteristic matter, after all these years? It doesn't take a master mariner to sink a ship.

       The simpletons who crew the USS America couldn't float soap in a bathtub. they do, however, know more than anyone about bilge! Of all the "types" in existence, Cain is similar to many, and the President is only one.