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Ron Paul's 'Foreign Policy Dossier'

• Lew Rockwell
Eight candidates participated in the CBS News/National Journal GOP presidential debate tonight on national security and foreign policy. Here is the National Journal website used to view that debate. Notice who was once again excluded from active participation in the debate. This person was also excluded from having a "Foreign Policy Dossier" at the site describing his background expertise in this area. Yes, it was the twelve-term Texas congressman who sits on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and who is the author of A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce and Honest Friendship, a collection of statements Congressman Ron Paul has made over the past 30 years dealing with foreign policy from the date he was first elected to Congress.

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Comment by Robert Vernier
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 well, ron looked  like he put his suit on that morning but hadnt looked at himself since morning. his suit pulled to one side his right side make him look like a scarecrow, i was waiting for the straws to start popping out. he has to have a handler at his side to make sure that he looks 100% at all time. i know that those kind of things dont take a center spot in his estimation of whats important and i agree with him but until those who thinks these are the most important aspects of living, your appearance,change their opinion, he will have to have at least a mirror in front of him before he goes out on the debate floor.  these are not debates, a debate is where the contestants.are given the same amount of time to present their points or nearly the same amount of time.  instead these "debates" are bringing those candidates or whores of the money powers to take up most of the time and the rest can catch as catch can. this is democracy or is this democracy.