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Joe Rogan Voices Support For Ron Paul On Jay Leno

Joe Rogan shows off his Ron Paul t-shirt on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

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Comment by Venancio Tan
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In this violent business of politics where politicians knock out each other … where loonies want to shoot cops dead as a form of entertainment which of course is more savage than UFC or more brutal than Cagefighting where fighters whack each other’s brain out, being watched by Homeland Security is not a laughing matter.

But here Ron Paul and Joe Rogan are birds of the same feathers that flock together. In defiance of security agents watching with an eagle eye, both clenched their fists for the camera ready to bash somebody’s head. Joker Leno held back his usual pun to make people laugh and in the background just faded away.

The funny long-face joker has no political immunity like Ron Paul have when invited to a police headquarter as a "guess". In the case of fierce lions like Joe Logan who never runs away from a fight, most likely he will just follow Larken Rose’s advice to shoot it out and kill those jackboots like how he shoots gophers that invaded his backyard!

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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It is not a clean laugh to feature Ron Paul on joke programs like Leno’s. His handlers are brain dead for making Ron Paul the butt of a joke. I can’t understand why Ron Paul himself is grinning crazy laughing at himself for being a butt of a joke! I suspect there is something subversive in it. You are viewing a YouTube of being watched by Homeland Security.


Comment by Venancio Tan
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Joe Rogan loves violence. He is in the head-bashing profession. In the ring, he has a high respect for anyone who knocks out someone’s brain.

Ron Paul wants to knock out America’s brain out. Why Rogan endorses Ron Paul’s mental violence to knock out our system and American way of life dead does not come as a surprise! Of course anyone who thinks that by shooting cops dead is liberty and freedom will endorse Ron Paul.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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While I wholly support Mr. Rogan's freedom to participate in paying people to do disgusting things for audience entertainment or beating each other senseless with Mr. Rogan's background commentary again for audience entertainment---I certainly find those who would watch and approve of or enjoy such activity disappointing.  Though I certainly understand why he would support the freedom Dr. Paul practices, I would not desire Mr. Rogan's endorsement.