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Iowa Poll: Newt Sinking, Paul Out Front In First Caucus State


A new poll out from Public Policy Polling (D) on Sunday night shows Newt Gingrich’s bubble deflating quickly in Iowa, and in his place at the front of the pack? Ron Paul.

The numbers from PPP: Ron Paul 23%, Mitt Romney 20%, Newt Gingrich 14%, 10% each for Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry, 4 % for Jon Huntsman and 2% for Gary Johnson.

The numbers show a precipitous drop in Gingrich’s favorability numbers, with only 36% of Iowa voters now believing he has “strong principles”, suggesting the relentless negative attacks of his rivals — chiefly Ron Paul — are taking a real toll.


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Comment by Lisa Johnson
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It is utterly important that every American see this video: This STUNNING speech was given in 1958 and 1974! Share this with everyone you can and force them to watch and listen if you must! It will prove to all viewers that what was warned about has missed the attention of most of those alive today. But they will not be able to declare that Ron Paul is just an old "Fuddy Duddy!" He's RIGHT ON!!! Invest only nine minutes in the future of America at it's most crucial point! Ron Paul is our only hope for a solution. You MUST vote Ron Paul-anyone else is UN -American. He IS American and he stands for the people!
Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 It doesn't matter. To the GOP votes for Ron Paul DOES NOT COUNT. Better get this sooner than later.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I imagine TPM is not too happy about this. 

Four years ago they were not too polite to Dr. Paul.  I could not at first figure out why since he wasn't going to win the GOP nomination and would not be challenging the anointed Hillary or Obama.   Then I realized after trashing  Gravel and Kucinich, TPM was furious that the antiwar progressives were flocking to the only other outspoken antiwar candidate left: Paul.  Didn't those people realize that those were soon to be our military?!  To do OUR bidding.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Something like 6.5 million "viewers" watched the last debate.  Don't those Iowans pay attention to the post debate TV spin meisters?  Ron Paul was the big loser in these debates.  His "hard to understand" crazy ideas on bribe free foreign policy and non-intervention have no place in the USA's Imperial plans for 21st Century World Domination.  If Paul wins it won't be reported and it won't count!  We'll Buchanan his ass!

;-D keep tipping their sacred cows Paul