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Ron Paul surpassing all expectations, making a joke of the media


It became a bit of a joke among conservatives when every time a jobs report came out, the media reported it was "surprisingly" negative. The media couldn't seem to see what was going on, even when it was obvious to those in the know.

My friends, we are in the know.

When this campaign started, many GOP establishment cheerleaders said Ron Paul will get his 2% of the vote, and that'll be that.

Then some polls came out, and they had to move the bar.

"Ron Paul will get his 8% of the vote, and that'll be that."

We kept working and they came out with something new.

"Ron Paul's ceiling is about 10%. There's no room for him to grow."

Laughably when the polls started to show him at 18%, that was the new ceiling... that's a pretty high ceiling! And 18% is famously known as the tipping point.

Now that Paul is the favorite to win Iowa, where nearly 1 in 4 voters plan to caucus for Paul, IOWA is the supposed new ceiling.

The GOP establishment laughably keeps moving the marks. Being in total denial, they just can't quite see what's going on.

Iowa is the beginning, not the ceiling.


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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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I have coined a new word --- st00pid. You can read all about here: st00pid. It is a work in progress, so a bit messy. But you can still see that the problem is that everybody who keeps underestimating RP is simply refusing to learn from the physical world. IE, they are st00pid. And unless you are way less st00pid than 99% of the population, that probably includes you.

Comment by Ed Price
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The Ron Paul point isn't really about RP winning a nomination, or even becoming President. Rather, it's about waking the people up.

If RP doesn't get into office when, say, 50% of the people vote for him, and the other 50% vote for several other candidates, what will happen? When people show as much support as they are showing for Ron Paul, they're going to mighty upset if his ideals aren't set in place.

There is this GIANT starting to stir in America. It's the people finally seeing how un-free they have been for a long while now. Judging by how popular he has become, if Ron Paul doesn't make it now, it will be total wipe-out for his opposition the following election. And whomever stands on RP's platform then, will RULE SUPREME.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Does it matters if in these GOP debate votes for Ron Paul do not count? The Media is making a joke out of him -- not he making a joke of the Media. Seeing it upside down, is grossly myopic if not, without a mind's eye, totally blind!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Watch the video. (Senior Editor recommended)

It has one of my favorite Hillary moments in it.  As usual she doesn't mean what she says.  What she really means is: "Every time I showed up at a campaign stop I had many enthusiastic people outside my bus waiving signs.  When I walked off the bus to greet the cheering throng I realized they were waving Ron Paul signs."

Spontaneous rallies were the media's cameras were going to be sucked for every candidate on tour except one.  Bravo The Ron Paul R3VOLution.  Ron Paul 2012. 

Comment by Ed Price
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"Ron Paul's ceiling is about 100%. There's no room for him to grow."