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Scott Horton discusses the National Defense Authorization Act

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Scott Horton, a contributing editor for Harper’s Magazine, said Wednesday that the National Defense Authorization Act was ambiguous about whether U.S. citizens who were suspected terrorists could be detained indefinitely.

“I think it makes clear that the law is locked in as it stands

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Comment by Sue Riley
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Will Congress Expand The Defense Authorization Act To Include YOU as a “Covered Person?"




It is problematic U.S. Government in the future will want to expand the scoop of Section 1021 in the passed Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (to include as “covered persons” for Indefinite Detention, not only persons “suspected of substantially supporting al-Qaeda or the Taliban; or their associated forces engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners” (but add to the list of “covered persons” (other) alleged terrorists and organizations foreign or domestic. Currently what constitutes (1) a terrorist act, (2) supporting terrorists or (3) being a “Belligerent” is broadly vague and not clearly defined? For example, Americans attending a protest demonstration against a U.S. Policy or U.S. Military Action could be charged with all (three) under the Patriot Act and The Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Provisions in The Defense Authorization Act of 2012 govern the “Authority of the President and Armed Forces to Detain (Covered Persons) without trial pursuant to the (AUMF) Authorization for Use of Military Force.




FYI: Glenn Greenwald recently wrote an article titled “Three myths about the detention bill” that deeply examine provisions of The Defense Authorization Act including wording that is broadly vague, that potentially could cause the indefinite incarceration of Americans without trial; and conflicting definitions of “Covered Persons” in provisions  (A) & (B) of section 1021. You may read Glen Greenwald’s article at:


Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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The BS doesn't stop. National Defense Authorization Act was ambiguous?

Try this concept you brilliant writers. National Defense Authorization Act was as treasonous as it gets and all those responsible for such a bill including those who supported it and voted for it should be arrested and tried for conspiracy to commit treason. Thai is if the constitution and it's principals still remain in tack, and if not then it will continue to be business as usual which it is.

Welcome to Amerkia