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Attorney cited with contempt charge and jailed for advising client to stay silent

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“The attorney in this case was thrown in jail for simply doing his job. If allowed to stand, this judge’s actions could set a dangerous precedent in which defense attorneys fear punishment for defending their client’s best interests.”

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Comment by David Jackson
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     Why am I not reading how the ACLU is up-in-arms about this?

      Why am I not ready about the disbarment of the judge?

      Why am I not reading about the recall of the judge?

      Why am I not seeing this on the so-called televised "news"?

       This is why judges should all be "hired" for no more than two years and reviewed after every case the ajudicate, with the possibility of instant recall by an independent panel of  non-government "jurists".

       It appears that assholes do have thoughts! Not original thought, but thoughts nonetheless!